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Tips for Planning a Portland Fence Installation

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Embarking on a fence installation takes a lot of work before you even begin digging holes for the posts. Between planning the layout, determining the best height and choosing the right style and materials, homeowners have plenty of decisions to make.

When planning a fence installation, Portland homeowners should also take into account local factors that can affect the functionality and lifespan of a fence. Here are three things to keep in mind before beginning a Portland fence installation:

1. Rain

It’s important to plan for the Northwest’s high volume of rainfall when choosing your fence materials. Portland rain can be hard on a wood fence, requiring extra maintenance and shortening its overall life. Aluminum or vinyl fencing are good low-maintenance, weather-resistant alternatives to wood.

2. Wind

Another common enemy of any fence installation, Portland’s high winds can batter a fence, weakening the posts and eventually causing collapse. To enhance the stability to your fence, use thicker posts and consider including gaps between fence boards to allow the wind to pass through.

3. Hills

Many yards in Portland feature heavy slopes, which can complicate a fence installation. Portland homeowners with steep yards can adjust for the terrain by raking or stair-stepping their fences, but this takes some extra planning on the front end.

Working around these local factors may seem challenging, but by planning for them before ordering any fence materials, Portland homeowners can prevent further problems down the road.

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