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Stock Up on Fencing Materials for a Fun Fall Project

fence materialsThere’s something extremely satisfying about completing your own home improvement projects. Stepping back from a freshly painted window frame or de-mossed roof, the DIY aficionado feels a sense of pride—the pride of taking care of his or her own home. Plus, completing your own home improvements keeps your property value up, since potential buyers value proper maintenance.  For those who savor the pride of DIY home improvement, we sell fencing materials year round. If you’re looking to tackle the incredibly rewarding project of building your own fence, read on for an overview of the types of fence materials we sell, along with their benefits and potential applications.

Cedar Fencing Materials

Rick’s Fencing sells Port Orford cedar, one of the strongest timbers in the world. It evolved to thrive in the damp Pacific Northwest climate, so it is naturally resistant to rot.


  • Warm, natural look
  • Long-lasting, with the proper maintenance (cleaning, sanding, staining and resealing every other year or so)
  • Expresses the spirit of the Pacific Northwest
  • Renewable, local resource
  • Easy to customize with paint or stain for your own unique look. We can also build custom benches, flower boxes, and more.

Potential Uses: Decking, fencing, stairs, handrails, support for deck foundation.

Vinyl Fencing Materials

Our PVC or vinyl fencing material is available in an array of colors and styles. We even offer stone-like vinyl fencing for a rock wall look. Or, if you want the texture of a wood fence without the maintenance, we sell wood-like vinyl fencing materials as well.


  • Very low maintenance. Just clean with soap and water when grime appears on the surface.
  • No discoloration or cracking in the sun, as in earlier generations of vinyl fencing.
  • Always looks pristine—no need to paint or stain fence, as with wood fencing.
  • Locally sourced. Salem, Oregon is one of the country’s leading producers of vinyl fencing and decking.

Potential Uses: Decking, fencing, accent fencing, stairs, handrails

Aluminum Fencing Materials

Aluminum fencing is the new wrought iron fencing. Aluminum is lightweight but strong. It creates an elegant, European look without obstructing views.


  • Exceptional for security. Aluminum fencing with spikes is particularly repellant to would-be robbers.
  • Long-lasting finish that won’t peel, chip, or crack.
  • Enjoy a strong fence that still allows a beautiful view of your garden or pool.
  • Natural support for climbing roses and other climbing plants

Potential Uses: Fencing around home, pool, business.

Chain Link Fencing Materials

Chain link fencing became popular among working class Portland families in the 1950s. It was beloved as a strong fencing material that was easy to erect yourself.


  • Affordable and utilitarian.
  • Can support climbing plants and vines. Imagine growing your own Halloween pumpkins on your chain link fencing!
  • No maintenance required.
  • Exceptional for security, especially if you choose a small mesh, which will make it impossible for intruders to get a toehold.
  • Vinyl coating and slats can make a chain link fence less stark. Slats also add privacy.

Potential Uses: Dog kennels, perimeter fencing, pool fencing

We offer several options when it comes to fence installation. For those capable builders who are confident with power tools, we can sell you just the fence materials. Or, if you’re handy with a hammer but less confident with setting posts, we can do a partial installation, in which we set the fence posts and deliver the rest of the materials. And of course, we offer full installation as well. No matter what level of DIY experience you have, Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking has the best fencing materials and installation options for your family.

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