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Fence Materials: 5 things to Know before Selecting a Fence

Fence Materials: 5 things to Know before Selecting a Fence

Fence Materials: 5 things to Know before Selecting a Fence

It’s easy to spend more time designing your fence than building the fence itself, and with so many options available you may not be sure what fence materials will work best. Coming up with great fence designs happens to be one of our pastimes, so here are five things to keep in mind before making a selection:


When brainstorming fence designs, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the fence’s appearance. You’ll want to consider how your fence will complement the rest of your yard: A cedar fence works in just about any location, while accommodating your yard with a white vinyl picket fence may require more thought.


What will your fence be designed to do? A vinyl fence may be suitable for a privacy fence, and an ornamental aluminum fence can provide security for a garden without blocking the view. But if you’re really itching to stretch those creative muscles, then cedar fencing is ideal for showcasing your own original fence designs.


Another factor is upkeep – how much year-round work will you want to put into your fence? Aluminum fences are rust-free, and vinyl fences require only the occasional hose-down. Cedar fencing should be stained every 3 to 5 years. Staining a cedar fence will not only keep it looking great, but it will increase your fences life span.


Another important consideration is your local climate. Wetter regions of the Pacific Northwest can be hard on most wood fencing.  However, cedar fences built on good pressure treated 5×5 post can last a long time. With minimal maintenance, a cedar fence can be kept looking great.


Another factor to consider is how much you’ll want to spend on your fence. Cedar fence materials are wallet-friendly, while aluminum fencing is more costly (but will be worth every penny). Vinyl fencing costs more than cedar fencing initially, but you’ll save in the long run due to its low-maintenance nature.

With a little planning, you’re sure to see your fence designs come to fruition. When selecting fence materials, keep these five factors in mind and you’ll be enjoying your new fence in no time!

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