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Fence Installation: Tools You’ll Need in Honor of National Worship of Tools Day

Knuckle BusterDid you know there’s a special day just for celebrating the tools we use for everything from plumbing repairs to fence installation? Vancouver to Virginia, DIY enthusiasts celebrate National Worship of Tools Day every March 11. While this may seem like a silly holiday (who actually bows down to a hammer or screwdriver?), the truth is that our species’ success is intimately linked to our effective use of tools.

As experts in fencing installation (Beaverton, Portland, Hillsboro Salem, and Tri-Cities being our main service locations), we recommend keeping these tools on hand when erecting a new fence:

  • Safety protection, including glasses, gloves and earplugs.
  • Items for marking measurements, including stakes, string lines, paint, a pen and a marker. You may also want to cut a spacer to the length you’ll be using most often during your fence installation. Washington and Oregon residents who will be installing a vinyl fence, for instance, can cut a length of extra vinyl fencing to size.
  • Two tape measurers, one longer (100+ feet, if possible) and one shorter (around 25 feet).
  • A shovel.
  • An auger for digging postholes, if possible; otherwise, you’ll need a pair of posthole diggers.
  • A hammer.
  • An electric drill. For speed of installation it’s best to have two drills (and two people working together on the fencing installation.) Vancouver fencing experts often use one cordless and one normal electric drill with a power cord extension line.
  • A crescent wrench or open-ended ¾-inch wrench.
  • A level for checking that your fence installation work is straight.
  • A table saw for cutting materials.
  • A wheelbarrow to haul away dirt as you go.
  • A garden hose to wet the concrete for your postholes.

If you are working with very hard materials, such as concrete or rocky ground, you will need some additional tools, including a hammer drill, a drop rod and a digging bar. A separate set of tools is also required for high-tension fence installation.

Vancouver, Portland and other Willamette Valley residents who prefer to worship their tools from afar can hire Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking to install their fences for them. We also offer an intermediary installation option – we’ll set the posts, and you do the rest. Or, for the true weekend DIY genius, we can simply deliver the materials, leaving you to tackle the actual fencing installation. Washington and Oregon homeowners can visit our page on fence and deck installation for more detailed information on these installation alternatives.


[  Photo by: lowjumpingfrog, via CC License ]

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