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Accent Fencing: A Quick Way to Increase Curb Appeal

In this era of low home prices and unemployment, many homeowners are looking for ways to increase their property values without spending gobs of money. Real estate experts often recommend improving a home’s curb appeal to boost its potential sale price. When a county assessor or potential buyers view a home from the curb, their initial impressions influence how they value the property.

Because first impressions are everything, a home’s fencing can have a big impact on its value. If your home has broken-down split rail fencing in front, a potential buyer is likely to focus on the fence and downplay the amazing improvements you’ve done in the kitchen, for example. Especially in a rainy town like Portland, fencing materials are liable to become well worn by the weather.

Replacing your entire fence is one option in such a situation. However, this may be too costly for many homeowners, especially in the current economic climate. Instead, you can simply remove the eyesore fence and install accent fencing instead. Accent fencing is usually much less expensive than traditional fencing materials.

An accent fence does not provide the same security or privacy as a traditional fence; it is typically not tall enough to protect your pets or children. Instead, the role of an accent fence is to outline your home’s driveway, property line or other appealing characteristics in order to please the eye. Essentially, accent fencing is a decoration that can make your home instantly more appealing to passersby and potential buyers alike.

Accent Fencing Designs

You have an infinite number of options when it comes to your accent fence installation. Tri-cities residents, in eastern Washington, may find that accent split rail fencing compliments the “Wild West” feel of the Tri-Cities area. Although an old, tired-looking split rail fence can be an eyesore, new split rail fencing can lend a property the charm of the old West.

Other options for accent fencing designs include picket fences, chain-and-post fencing, simple rail fencing, or even diminutive wrought iron fencing along landscaping features. The one thing all of these designs have in common is their height – accent fencing is usually shorter than other fencing. Your accent fencing may be just one or two feet tall.

Accent Fencing Installation

Tri-cities and Portland residents will be pleased to find any number of options for having an accent fence installed. Of course, you could install an accent fence yourself. If you have basic construction skills and a free weekend, an accent fence should be fairly easy to build. Split rail fencing is especially easy to construct, as it rarely requires you to install complicated hardware. Some providers of Portland fencing materials even offer materials-only packages, meaning you buy a kit that includes all of the fencing supplies, then save money on labor by assembling them yourself.

Digging the postholes is the most difficult part of an accent fencing project. Depending on your area, you will need to dig holes that are at least two feet deep. Renting a post digger is a great way to save your back from the inevitable aches and pains that intense digging brings. Plus, a post digger will save you plenty of time. Alternatively, you can hire a company for fence installation. Tri-cities denizens will find plenty of options as far as fencing construction specialists are concerned.

Accent Fencing Costs

Compared to a traditional fence installation, Tri-Cities and Portland residents will appreciate the lower cost of installing accent fencing. In “100 Surefire Improvements to Sell Your Home Faster,” R. Dodge Woodson recommends accent fencing as a home improvement that can be accomplished for less than $400. He also writes that four panels of accent fencing (enough to line a typical driveway) should cost around $275. Of course, if you watch for deals on Portland fencing materials, you may be able to build an accent fence for even less. To keep track of the best deals in your area, follow fencing companies on Facebook and Twitter, and regularly check their websites for special offers.

By tearing down fencing materials that are falling apart and installing new accent fencing, Portland and Tri-Cities residents can enjoy a boost in property value, thanks to increased curb appeal.

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