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Creative Fence Personalization: Methods of Making Your Fence Unique

Creative Portlanders find an extraordinary variety of ways to use cedar fence materials. Portland homes may have fences that incorporate recycled windows, hand-molded earthenworks and charming tile or stone mosaics. There are many ways to individualize one’s wood fencing. Portland homeowners can build fences that express their own inner artists by following the tips below.

Personalizing Wood Fencing: Portland Methods & Resources

Vary the fence’s height and material.

Walking around historic Portland neighborhoods, one notices how designers of older homes often feature various materials in the same fence. On a stroll through Portland, you might see a wrought iron fence with brick posts, a fence with a cob-and-clay corner featuring mosaic tiles, and a fence of stone posts with chains strung in-between. Another way a homeowner could mix materials would be to have brick posts with panels of wood fencing. Portland is an inspirational place for any fence or home designer; take a walk around older neighborhoods such as Irvington or Ladd’s Addition to find inspiration for your fence design.

Add a trellis along the top.

When designing your cedar fence, you may choose to build the panels clear to the top of the fence. However, a more decorative approach is to top five-foot tall panels with about a foot of trellis. You can use boards to frame the panels and the trellis.

Incorporate decorative fence caps.

Don’t just go with a plain-Joe fence installation. Portland residents can add caps to each fence post to bring unity to their fence designs. You can even match the style of the fence caps to your home’s exterior. Many Portland homes were built in the Craftsman style; their fences would look excellent with fence caps featuring arts-and-crafts elements, such as rectolinear symmetry. There are many local resources for creating a unique fence installation; Portland establishments specializing in the reuse of construction materials (such as the Rebuilding Center) might have just the right fence caps for your home.

Light your fence installation.

There are many benefits to lighting your fence. Lights create a clear boundary, bringing you a sense of security. If done well, fence lighting is also attractive; lights can bring a warm glow to nearly any fence installation. Portland fences often feature solar fence caps that charge during the day and provide a friendly glow throughout the night. You could also choose to have fence lights near the ground, shining up at the fence panels.

Stain to change the tone.

If your fence needs a major shift in style that won’t require new construction or high costs, you can choose to sand and finish your fence yourself. Consider the color of your home’s exterior when choosing stain – a complementary color may provide a good balance. If they’d rather just boost the glow of their cedar fence materials, Portland residents should try re-staining their fences in a slightly different tint. This approach doesn’t require lots of money – just lots of elbow grease.

Add windows and doors to your cedar fence materials.

Portland homeowners aren’t limited to traditional materials when they create their fencing masterpieces. Many cedar fences in the area have cutouts where old windows or doors have been inserted in the place of fence planks. It is charming to walk next to a fence where a window shows you a momentary peek into the backyard. Incorporate recycled doors and windows in your design to create a whimsical, unusual fence. To find unique elements for your fence, frequent estate sales, auctions and suppliers of reused wood fencing.

Portland homeowners have many options when it comes to individualizing their fences. Whether you’re still in design mode or you already have a solid fence, there are many ways to personalize your fence to express your unique creative outlook.

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