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4 Ways to Secure Your Yard from Intruders

Ornamental GateEven if you live in the safest neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest, making sure your property is protected can still be a big concern. Many homeowners rack their brains trying to figure out the best way to keep intruders out and children and pets in.

Multiple locks? What a pain. Bars on the windows? Tacky. Home security systems? Too expensive. The best way to prevent intruders from getting to your house is to stop them at the yard. The following are four ways to keep intruders out of your yard – and, by proxy, your home.

1. Build a fence.

For most homeowners in Portland, fencing materials can provide just the right amount of home security. A chain link fence, cedar privacy fencing, aluminum fencing – the types and styles of fencing materials available run a very large gamut. However, not all fencing materials are ideal for securing your yard.

Cedar and vinyl are popular Portland fencing materials and are are frequently used to build privacy fences. Privacy fences offer several security advantages, as they are typically taller than other fence styles and are difficult to climb. On the downside, if an intruder does manage to get into your yard, the solid fencing provides a nice shield to hide any criminal activity.

A chain link fence is another common choice for security fencing, particularly around commercial buildings. For homes, chain link is strong, durable and doesn’t provide any anonymity for someone attempting to break into your home. However, it’s also easy to climb unless you top it with barbed wire.

Aluminum fencing offers a lifetime of structural durability and a clean finish, as well as strength and security. Aluminum fencing mimics the appearance wrought iron, and combined with an aluminum ornamental gate it can be an attractive deterrent. If aluminum fencing is your top choice among Portland fencing materials, make sure it’s tall enough to discourage intruders.

2. Lock your gate.

Depending on the Portland fencing materials you’ve chosen, there are a number of ways to increase the security of your gate, from automatic gates to various locking mechanisms.

If you’ve installed aluminum fencing or a chain link fence, consider getting an automatic gate to match. Automatic gates give you complete control over who accesses your property. They’re wide enough to accommodate a car, allowing you to enclose your driveway as well as the rest of the yard, and they come in both rolling and swinging varieties.

If a simple walk-through gate is all you need, then you may want to choose a lock that provides a little extra security. Most gates use a slide bolt, which can be easily opened by a determined intruder. A key lock provides a little more security, although you may find it inconvenient when working in or around your yard. Finally, there is the keypad entry lock, which is the most advanced and secure locking method commonly available. It’s also the most expensive and may require professional installation and maintenance.

3. Install security lighting.

Most intruders will stay away from houses that are well-lit. Installing a few floodlights can add an extra bit of home security without a lot of cost or hassle. The best security lights are equipped with motion sensors, which not only save energy but can surprise an intruder by turning on unexpectedly.

4. Get a dog.

Not only are dogs man’s best friend, but they are also make great alarm systems. It doesn’t need to be a big dog – most intruders will be scared off by the bark, not the bite. The last thing a home intruder wants is attention, and nothing attracts attention like a barking dog.

Keeping intruders out of your yard and away from you home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Installing a gate, putting up a fence, hanging some lights or buying a dog are all great ways of increasing home security. If you have any questions, contact a Portland fencing materials company or security professional for help.

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