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Topping it Off: Fence Design with a Finished Look

Lattice Top Cedar FenceThe cherry on the top. The icing on the cake. All languages have such idioms for those important final touches that add a “wow” factor to any project. In fence design, an interesting fence top is that dazzling feature that can take any fence from blah to bam!

When you’re considering different fence design options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here’s a breakdown of the basic topper options for your fence design:

Fence caps. From Gothic pointed caps to arts-and-crafts New England-style caps, there are many different varieties to add that certain je ne sais quoi to your fence design. As you decide how to top off your posts, consider which cap designs will best match your home’s exterior.

Louvered top. Beyond caps, there are several different styles for the upper section of a fence. Oftentimes, the lower panels will be simple – they could be done in a good neighbor or solid style – while the upper section of the fence offers more creative license to create a stunning fence design. The louvered top is one popular fence top design that features overlapping horizontal boards. This style not only catches the eye, but it also encourages weather resistance throughout the entire fence design.

Lattice top. This style could be considered more classic than the contemporary-looking louvered top. Lattice isn’t just for climbing veggies; it’s also a great way to preserve privacy in your fence design while also adding visual interest.

Custom design topper of your choosing. Although lattice and louvered are some of the most popular fence topper options, there’s no reason you have to feel limited to these selections. Here at Rick’s, for example, we also offer custom design services. Your imagination is the only limit.


One Response to “Topping it Off: Fence Design with a Finished Look”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Wow, this looks awesome. I wish I had put a fence in like this. I just put in a cedar fence but without the lining across the top. I really like that; I should’ve gone with it.

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