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Fence Design Options for Small Yards

In cities with high population densities, such as Portland, fencing materials are often destined for small yards. And as any custom fencing expert can tell you, the unfortunate tendency is to install fences that actually make small yards seem even smaller. To avoid this outcome with your fence materials, Portland residents, follow the tips we’ve gathered below.

1. Strike a proportional balance between your home and your fence materials. Portland’s grand Victorian homes often feature huge yards. In this setting, a tall, stone fence would be striking. However, the same six-foot stone fence would completely overwhelm a Portland bungalow with a postage stamp yard. While researching custom fencing options, remember to match the size and style of your new fence to the rest of your property.

2. Consider translucent fencing options. Picket, chain link, aluminum, and good-neighbor-style cedar fences preserve curbside sightlines, which will make your yard seem larger. In contrast, a completely solid fence will only further divide your already limited space.

3. Install accent fencing. If you’re not worried about protecting your yard from the less savory elements of Portland, fencing materials can take on more of an accent role. Instead of installing a full security fence, you could simply install stretches of shorter accent fencing to draw the eye as you wish. For instance, short custom fencing can be installed along your front walk to protect landscaping and draw visitors to your door.

Finally, think about how you can marry function and form in your fencing. A stretch of stone custom fencing could include a bench, for instance. Or you could decide to plant climbing vegetables and flowering vines along your chain link fencing, thus maximizing your gardening space.

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