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Fence Design: New Trends in Privacy Fencing

Vinyl  Privacy FencePrivacy fencing is usually based on a utilitarian fence design, but it doesn’t have to be. Like everything else in fence design, privacy fencing is constantly changing, and today’s consumers have a few new options to consider, such as a vinyl privacy fence installation (as opposed to installing a typical wood privacy fence). Below we explore innovations in privacy fence design.

1. Living Privacy Fencing

Hedges can serve as excellent privacy fencing. A boxwood living fence, for instance, is a perfect addition to a colonial-style home. Evergreen varieties, such as Thuja Emerald Green Arborvitae, will provide a lush green screen all winter long. Bamboo is another great choice – just be sure to include underground barriers for spreading species. A row of containers featuring tall specimens can serve as a privacy fence, as well.

If you have plenty of room and gardening know-how, consider layered privacy plantings, with larger trees and shrubs in the background and more colorful, textured shorter specimens in front. Deciduous shade trees (think oaks and maples) provide excellent coverage for second-story windows and patios once they’re grown in.

2. Design Add-ons for Traditional Cedar Privacy Fencing

A privacy fence design doesn’t have to be boring simply because it will be built of wood. To add pizzazz to a wood privacy fence, include a strip of trellis along the top. Another option: Built-in planters at intervals along the fence. Place climbing plants in these containers to soften the look of the privacy fence.

3. Vinyl Privacy Fence Options

If you’re looking for the solid feel of a traditional wood privacy fence design, but you abhor maintenance, consider a vinyl privacy fence installation. Many fencing companies sell identical fence design styles in both wood and vinyl. For instance, here at Rick’s Fencing we offer traditional vinyl privacy fencing in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot heights. We also have semi-private vinyl fencing, with small gaps between boards. And finally, we can add lattice to the top of a vinyl privacy fence installation, as well. A vinyl privacy fence will stand up to all kinds of weather with virtually no maintenance on the homeowner’s part – and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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