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Fall Maintenance for Your Wood Fence

cedar good neighbor fenceFall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves change color, the wind picks up, and the scarves come out. Unfortunately for most homeowners, however, fall and winter also mean potential damage to a cedar fence. Nasty weather, rotting yard debris and other dangers can wreak havoc on a fence if it isn’t properly prepared. The following are a few tips on fall wood fence maintenance:

Clean. Getting rid of leaves, dirt and other yard debris is a simple and effective way of preventing mold and mildew from ruining your fence. Mold and mildew can grow inside wood fence panels and cause big problems down the road. Keeping your fence clean is of the upmost importance.

Remove overhanging tree limbs. A loose, low-hanging tree limb can be bad news for a cedar fence during a wind or snowstorm. Frozen tree limbs are much more likely to break and fall than normal tree limbs, so even if a branch or limb looks fine during the summer, you may want to remove or secure it before winter.

Use fence stain. Applying a simple water-repellant stain can help maintain the look of your fence throughout the fall and winter. High-moisture environments are hard for cedar fences to bear, so using a good fence stain before the wet weather hits is critical.

Check after rain. Check your fence after every major storm for damage and other problems you can nip in the bud. Making repairs as they are needed is a lot easier and cheaper than doing all your fence repairs at once come spring or summer.

Winter weather can be killer on a fence, but with the proper preparation and maintenance, your fence can come out of it looking as good as ever.

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2 Responses to “Fall Maintenance for Your Wood Fence”

  1. Mike Kilmer says:

    Hey Rick’s. We referenced your wonderful article on our Fall Equinox Fence Maintenance Tips article. Thanks and have a good Winter and Fall 2012.

  2. Dave Nichols says:

    Thank you Mike for the mention!

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