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Fall Fence Protection in Windy Kennewick, Washington

Fence casualty, Wentworth FallsEvery area puts its own unique demands on homeowners. In Florida, homeowners must quickly learn how to protect windows against hurricane-level winds, for instance. In heartland states like Kansas, residents must know how to protect their family in case of a tornado. The windy conditions of Kennewick, Washington require homeowners to protect their properties against strong wind gusts. This is something to keep in mind when constructing and maintaining fences.

Kennewick, Washington’s damaging gusts have a special name: the “Chinook Winds.” In the native Chinook language, they are known as “snow-eater” winds, because the high temperatures of these desert winds can melt snow quickly. While temperatures in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richmond) are mild, and the scenery is impressive, the area is drier than surrounding locations, only occasionally receiving more than 8 inches of rain a year. The geography of local mountains sends Chinook Winds barreling through town, testing every structure’s strength. (To learn more about the physics behind the Chinook winds, read our previous blog post explaining the adiabatic process.) The wind, heat, and dry conditions in Kennewick take a heavy toll on fences and other structures.

To protect their fences against these windy (and dry) conditions, Kennewick homeowners can take the following precautions this fall:

Trim Trees. High winds can send branches tumbling into fences and other structures. To prevent your fence from being squashed by a heavy branch, trim your trees this autumn.

Install Locks on Gates. You don’t want your gate to slam against your fence, or even your house. Having a lock on your gate makes it easier to keep it secure, but being able to remove the gate (in the case of really strong winds or storms) can also be beneficial.

Add Structural Reinforcement. Make sure your fence and your gate are study. Adding structural support to offset loose or broken pieces is a start, but you should also look for weak/rickety areas that need reinforcement. Finally, check for rot (although this is typically more of a problem in wetter areas, such as west of the Cascades).

Repair Loose Posts. Check for loose posts. Reinforce with a new pouring of concrete if possible, and remove and replace damaged or rotten posts.

The bottom line: Kennewick fences that receive the tender loving care described above will tend to last longer, reducing the overall cost homeowners must pay to keep their properties secure.

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[ Photo by: Stilgherrian, via CC License ]


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