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Exterior Wood, Inc. | Better Wood for the Environment

exterior wood incWhen harvested responsibly, wood is as green a construction material as you can get. It requires no fossil fuels to produce–only sunlight and soil nutrients–and it continues to store carbon dioxide even after it has been cut down and used for building.

That’s why Rick’s is proud to receive much of our wood from Exterior Wood, Inc., a Northwest supplier that adheres to responsible wood treatment practices so homeowners can feel good about their outdoor building projects.

Exterior Wood’s lumber is pressure treated using cutting-edge technology to create wood fencing and decking materials that last longer and are more eco-friendly than many other products. For example:

  • The preservative in the wood has a low chemical level and low toxicity compared to other treatment processes, which makes it better for the environment.
  • The preservative also has a reduced copper content, causing less corrosion to hardware.
  • All water and treatment solution used during the treatment process is recycled and reused, eliminating waste.

At Rick’s we are committed to offering the highest quality cedar fencing and decking materials available, and we’re pleased to partner with Exterior Wood to make that happen.

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