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Enhance Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal

Winter can be a difficult time to sell a house. The yard has gone brown, the garden is in hibernation, and the whole world seems dingy and gray.

If your house is on the market this time of year, following are a few things you can do around your deck and yard to increase your home’s winter curb appeal:

Add color. Natural color is in short supply during the winter months, so do what you can to enhance it. Fill two large, colorful planters with evergreens and use them to flank your front door. And don’t forget to hang a tasteful holiday wreath.

Ensure plentiful lighting. During the winter, there’s a good chance prospective buyers will be viewing your home after sunset, so it’s important to keep the exterior well-lit. Aim floodlights at your home’s architectural features, and make sure all exterior lights are cleaned, functional and operating at max wattage. Add decorative lanterns or LED rope lights around the front porch or deck to provide an inviting glow.

Keep up with snow removal. Make it easy for prospective buyers to reach your home by keeping the driveway, sidewalks and any pathways clear of snow. You should also clear your patio or decking material of snow so buyers can get a feel for their size and condition.

Stage your deck. Although it’s a good idea to remove patio furniture and deck planters from your wood deck to prevent water pooling in the winter, make an exception if your house is on the market. Stage your deck as though you were preparing for a party by setting out all-weather patio furniture with colorful cushions to help prospective buyers see the potential of your home’s outdoor living space. Add planters filled with twigs or seasonal branches.

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