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Don’t Think You Need a Fence? 8 Reasons You Might Be Wrong

Wood fences are nice to look at, but is that enough to justify the time, energy, and cost? For most people, a strong need triggers the decision to build a new fence.

Examining why you might want to install wood fencing will not only help you decide whether it’s worth it, but it can also steer you toward the best type of fence for your needs. If you’re on the fence about fencing in your yard, here are the top eight reasons you should consider putting one in:

good neighbor fence1.    Everyone can see what you’re doing.

Privacy is one of the most common reasons for installing a fence. If you have an open or especially large yard, it can be hard to enjoy it when everyone on the street has a clear view to the back of your house. Standing six feet tall, the typical wood fence can carve out a peaceful, private sanctuary in any neighborhood. For best results, select a solid style fence with no spaces between the boards for complete privacy.

2.    Your stuff is unprotected.

Your yard should be an extension of your home: a safe place for you, your family and your belongings. Whether you’re working on a project, bringing out the grill for a barbeque, or just storing something outside for the night, adding a wood fence is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your property.

3.    Road noise is driving you crazy.

If your house is near a busy street or highway, it’s difficult to find some peace and quiet when you need it most. Installing a fence that borders your yard will play a huge part in cutting down roadside noise. Select a reinforced solid wood fence style like the Picture Frame for a sound block that has 70% the noise reduction rate of a concrete barrier.

4.    Your neighbor’s weeds are moving in.

If there’s a bounty of undesired wild plant life making its home on your neighbor’s side of the property line, adding a fence can help keep them from encroaching on your yard. Weeds allowed to grow unchecked can strangle the roots of your favorite plants, and putting a stop to the spread of weeds can play a big part in keeping your yard’s soil healthy and fertile.

5.    The bugs are biting.

If you’re tired of getting attacked by insects and pests in the warmer months, the right kind of fence can actually help reclaim your property once and for all. Installing a cedar fence can result in a remarkable reduction in insect activity due to the natural insect-repelling oils present in cedar wood. Factor in what you would have spent buying bug spray, insect-repelling candles, and bug zappers over the years, and you might even save money.

6.    Your neighbor isn’t respecting your boundaries.

If your neighbor is causing problems, a fence should be your last resort. It’s best to talk about issues that arise as soon as possible in an even, level-headed manner. Being honest and upfront can prevent more issues in the long run, and it’s much more polite to try and come to a mutual agreement than to suddenly spring up a fence between your properties. However, if a compromise can’t be reached, setting up a wood fence is a reasonable course of action.

Depending on how you broach the subject, consider installing a Good Neighbor-style fence that looks equally attractive from both sides. If you treat your neighbor with respect and make a good case, they may even help chip in for the cost!

7.    Your garden has become an all-night buffet.

Gardening is a great hobby. It’s natural, calming, and if everything goes well you end up with some great-tasting food. However, wild animals can put a damper on your harvest—raccoons and squirrels are notorious for making off with illicit booty. Installing a protective fence can safeguard your produce from these bandits.

8.    Your old fence is falling down on the job.

If you already have a fence, you shouldn’t need a new one, right? Unfortunately, some homeowners inherit fences that may not have been correctly installed or protected against inclement weather. Cracking or rotting wood fence boards can signal a fence at the end of its usefulness, and nobody wants crooked nails or jagged splinters where children or pets could get hurt. Old fence boards or posts experiencing this level of wear should be replaced as soon as possible, but if it’s just too late, ripping out an old fence and installing a new one is the best way to restore your yard to its full glory.

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