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Don’t Let Your New Fence Put You in the Doghouse

Picket fenceBringing home a new puppy or dog means lots of laughter, plenty of awws, and a whole lot of sniffing. It also means you’ll probably want to think about fencing your yard.  It helps if you take into account the breed or temperament of your dog before you choose the type of fence you want to install. Here are some guidelines for matching your new dog or puppy to the fence that will be most effective:

If your dog is a jumper: Six-foot fence.
A typical six-foot tall fence should be adequate for most medium-sized dogs, but if you’ve got an especially talented jumper, try correcting this behavior with a jumping harness. It may be uncomfortable for the dog during the training period, but it’s better than your dog climbing the fence and accidentally hanging himself on his leash. Another solution is to add a barrier to the top of the fence to discourage climbing.

If your dog is a barker or chaser: Solid wood fence.
If your dog needs obedience training or is easily distracted by squirrels, cats, and other neighborhood animals, a solid wood fence will help keep him in your yard and out of trouble. Solid wood fences are the most reliable and versatile fencing options for dogs. They come in several decorative styles, lend privacy to your yard, and create a quiet training area for your new dog or puppy.

If your dog is a small breed: Picket fence.
Traditional picket fences are an overlooked type of dog fencing, but they can be a great way to have fun with your dog while increasing your home’s curb appeal. If you have a smaller dog, a picket fence can carve out a play area while keeping your pet safe. Before going with this style, make sure your neighborhood doesn’t have a roving wild animal population and your neighbors’ pets are well-behaved and non-aggressive. Choose a style with the pickets spaced close together to prevent your dog from sneaking out.

If your dog is an aggressive breed: Chain link fence.
For larger or more aggressive dogs, chain link fencing is a reliable option. If you’re adding a guard dog to your family, the ability to see your dog through the chain link can be an excellent deterrent for would-be intruders. Use heavy gauge, vinyl coated chain link for maximum durability and protection.

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