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DIY or Professional Fence Installation: Which Should You Choose?

Wood fenceTo build, or not to build; that is the question. Should a homeowner of strong DIY skills take hammer in hand and erect her or his own fence, or is it wiser to entrust the job to professionals? Here at Rick’s we offer multiple fence installation options – full installation, partial installation, or just delivery of materials. Before you begin your fencing project, take a moment to consider which option may be best for you.

Whether they’re made of metal, stone or wood, fences require a sizeable investment on the part of the homeowner. A privacy fence is clearly a worthwhile addition to any home, as it gives residents a lasting sense of security and comfort. Still, the price of a fence installation is enough to warrant careful planning.

Inexperienced homeowners should not assume that it’s easy to erect wood fences. To create a fence that lasts, the builder must consider many different factors. For instance, digging postholes and properly setting posts is a crucial step. Improperly set posts will eventually lead to fence failure. This is just one reason why it’s best to leave fence installation up to the professionals if you’re not experienced in construction.

If you have carpentry experience and you’re good with your hands, it makes financial sense to build your own privacy fence. We can deliver the materials and offer advice on the best way to put up your fence. To avoid building a crooked or otherwise deficient fence, your postholes must be evenly spaced and precisely leveled. If neither of these requirements brings doubt to your mind, DIY installation is a great choice.

Because this one part of fence building is so sensitive, we offer an intermediary DIY option: partial fence installation. Our contractors will deliver the materials, dig the postholes and set the posts. You’ll then do the hammer-intensive work of putting up horizontal rails and fence boards. If you’re comfortable with a hammer and nails but don’t want to rent or buy a post digger, this is a wonderful choice. You’ll save some money on labor costs and savor the chance to do some of the work yourself.

Earlier we alluded to the indecision of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s masterpiece tragedy. That infamous Dane was so vacillating, we’re betting he’d never get a fence erected on his property. For him, complete installation would be the best choice. Your best option for installing wood fences depends on your own level of experience and interest in working with your hands.

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