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Decorating Your Yard for Winter

cedar deckJust because nasty weather is right around the corner doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to an ugly yard all winter long. Most people assume that once their flowers die there isn’t much more they can do to beautify their landscape. Oh, how wrong they are! Here are a few tips for keeping your yard and garden beautiful all winter long:

Most people put up decorative lights around the holidays, but there’s no reason you can’t use string lights to brighten up your yard all winter long. Use small white lights for a delicate effect, or try Japanese-style lantern strings to a give your pergola a soft glow. Remember to hide the lights well, though – visible string lights can seem a bit tacky during the day.

Like string lights, wreaths are often only used during the holidays. However, a fresh wreath made from evergreen branches can add a rustic feel to any cedar deck or porch. Another great thing about fresh-cut wreaths? They smell amazing.

Evergreen Plants
If you’re thinking long-term, you may want to plant some evergreen trees or shrubs in your yard. While other plants shed their leaves during the fall and winter, evergreens remain full and beautiful all year long. A few strategically placed evergreens can really help keep your yard from looking like a winter wasteland.

Dead Plant Arrangements

So you’ve emptied your summer planters and flower boxes – what now? Replace the summer blooms with dead evergreen sprigs, branches, berries, ivy and grasses. Creatively arranged, these dead plants will keep all winter long and make sure there is always an artful look about your yard.

Remember, decorating your yard, cedar deck, pergola or garden during the winter is just as much fun as during the spring or summer. All it takes is a little know-how, a little creativity and a warm jacket.

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