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Top 3 Shade Options for Portland Decking

Aluminum Patio CoverSummers are short enough in the Pacific Northwest that most homeowners want to take every opportunity to enjoy their decking. Portland, Oregon weather at its finest means a warm sun tempered by cool breezes.

While Portland isn’t the hottest city in the world, however, it does have its share of dog days that blast residents with brutal heat and send people running for shade. If you want to maximize your enjoyment of your deck while protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh rays, one way to do that is to install a patio cover or pergola. The following is a look at some of the most popular shade options for decking in Portland, Oregon.

Solid Patio Covers

We all love direct sunlight, but when it becomes difficult to read, use a laptop or smart phone or tolerate the heat, a solid patio cover can make all the difference. This is especially true if you have a cedar deck that tends to get especially hot. Why not provide a section of “cool” space where you and your friends and family can rest in the shade?

Installing a solid patio cover is almost like adding a new room to your house, as it offers complete protection from both the rain and sun. The solid ceiling provides total shade while still allowing cool breezes to flow through.

Solid patio covers come in a variety of styles, from traditional roofing materials to lightweight vinyl. Asphalt shingles are a popular option, as they come in different colors and textures and can conform to complex roof shapes. Wood shingles are also commonly used to create a bold, sculptured appearance.

Aluminum Patio Covers

After nine months of relentless rain falling on the backyard decking, Portland Oregon residents often want to take every opportunity to soak up those rays. If you need shade but still want to allow some light to stream through, consider installing an aluminum cover.

In contrast to solid patio covers, an aluminum cover has transparent roof panels, typically made of fiberglass, held together by an aluminum frame. Not only does an aluminum cover provide shade, but the materials used are similar to quality sunglasses in that they block 98 percent of UV rays. Depending how harsh the sun is in your backyard, your local decking company may be able to offer a selection of panels with varying bronze shades.

Even though the framework of an aluminum cover is minimalistic, it is exceptionally durable. Look for a quality aluminum cover with shatterproof panels that can withstand winds up 100 miles per hour and can hold large snow loads in the winter.


If you really want to enjoy an outdoor shady retreat while welcoming a natural, unfettered breeze, a pergola can provide just the right amount of shade. A pergola is typically made up of four posts and a series of cross-beams that create a lattice effect overhead. You can build a pergola over your deck without attaching it to your house.

The shade created by a pergola is minimal by design, as the alternating contrasts of light and shadow provide an aesthetically dynamic accent to your decking. Portland, Oregon homeowners often use pergolas to define their outdoor living spaces. You can increase the amount of shade available by growing climbing vines over the top or by hanging curtains around your pergola.

While most pergolas are made of cedar or another wood, vinyl is also widely available and is becoming an increasingly popular option. A vinyl pergola requires almost no maintenance and is more durable in wet conditions.

Whether you want to relax with a book or host an outdoor get-together with your friends, a patio cover or pergola can help provide a more comfortable outdoor living space on your decking. Portland, Oregon sunshine is easier to enjoy when you’ve got a shady retreat available.

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