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Brush up on Your Decking Terminology

When it comes to decking, Portland Oregon homeowners are fairly savvy. They know what they like, and they’ve often put a lot of research and thought into deciding what type of deck they want to install.

But there’s more to building and maintaining a deck than simply picking out the best decking materials. Portland homeowners should become familiar with some basic decking terminology in order to better care for their decks. Here are a few terms you should know:

Ledger board: The beam used to connect a building, such as a house, to the decking. Portland, Oregon homeowners should regularly inspect their ledger boards for stability.

Support posts: The “legs” of a deck, which support the weight of the decking materials. Portland contractors recommend setting the support posts into the ground with concrete.

Footing: A concrete pier that provides the foundation of the deck, to which the support posts are attached.

Beams: Horizontal timbers, usually attached to either side of each support post, which are provide support for the joists.

Joists: Horizontal timbers to which the deck boards are attached.

Oversite: The area beneath the decking. Portland, Oregon contractors suggest covering this area with landscaping fabric and gravel to allow drainage while preventing weed growth.

Baluster: Vertical railing, usually placed around the perimeter of a deck for safety. Balusters are also commonly called spindles.

Baluster rails: The horizontal rails to which spindles are attached. The top baluster rail is also known as the handrail.

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