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A Decking Materials Comparison for Portland Homeowners

Cedar DeckWhen it comes to choosing decking, Portland Oregon residents must remember their hometown’s most common weather condition: rain. The persistent moisture of the Pacific Northwest climate places special conditions on long-lasting decking materials. Portland homeowners may appreciate that lingering moisture fosters mold and mildew growth while speeding decomposition. Smart Portlanders buy decking materials with this in mind.

Below, we contrast two of the most popular Pacific Northwest decking materials. Portland homeowners can read on to discover the main advantages and disadvantages of installing cedar and PVC decking in Portland, Oregon.

PVC Decking

PVC Decking is composed of cellular polyvinyl chloride. PVC-based decking products such as Azek, Endeck and Gorilla decking are likely to come up in a Google search for “decking Portland Oregon” due to the following characteristics:

Stain and scratch resistance

PVC will not accept stains from ketchup, wet leaves or other materials that can appear as permanent blemishes on other decking materials. Moreover, PVC is impervious to scratches from patio furniture, pets, etc.


PVC decking will look practically brand new for years to come – just a quick cleaning with non-abrasive cleaner or a power washer on a low setting is the only maintenance required, even in wet locales such as the Pacific Northwest.

Mold and mildew resistance

Mold and mildew resistance is one of the major reasons Portland homeowners choose PVC decking. Mold may grow on the surface of the decking but, it will not penetrate to deeper levels. (This is a major concern for composite decking.)

Cedar Decking

Cedar decking is hewed from cedar trees, usually here in the Pacific Northwest. Although cedar decking does require more maintenance than PVC decking, it is still one of the most popular decking materials. Portland homeowners continue to choose cedar for its striking beauty and local origin.

Natural beauty

The beautiful sienna tones of a cedar deck are impossible to ignore, especially if the cedar has been well-maintained.

Requires regular maintenance

If you select cedar decking, Portland Oregon residents, be prepared to re-stain and reseal it every year or so.

Naturally resistant to insects and moisture

Cedar is considered the best natural decking material for Portland, since it naturally repels insects and adjusts to surrounding moisture conditions. In other words, compared to softer woods such as pine, cedar has better natural protection against typical weather in the Pacific Northwest. Still, a cedar deck will split, crack and weather to a silver tone if not consistently maintained.



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