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Decking Industry On the Rebound

composite deckingWhether you are a decking professional or merely an enthusiast, you’ll be glad to hear that the biggest news in the decking industry right now is that sales are slowly but surely starting to get better.

According to a report from, the decking industry is seeing a steady rebound in sales of non-wood decking material. This is in stark contrast to the sluggish sales of 2009, which most industry professionals blame on the collapse of the housing market and the recession.
Here are a few highlights from the report:

1. The steady increase in sales comes mainly from remodelers, not new home construction. Most people don’t have the money right now to buy a new house – in fact, new-home sales hit a dramatic 47-year low in August. Instead of buying new, many homeowners are opting to remodel their current homes, and that often includes building a new deck or patio.

2. Sales in wood decking are still slow, but sales in composite decking have really taken off. Some companies are even seeing record sales this year. Most industry professionals attribute the sudden popularity of composite decking to the material’s durability, ease of maintenance, long lifespan and relatively low cost. Many composite decks are also made from recycled materials, making them much more environmentally friendly than wood decking.

3. As sales in the decking industry increase, so do sales in decking-related products. Companies offering aluminum handrails, underdecking, and deck clips are also seeing a steady increase in sales of their products.

No one can say for sure exactly where the U.S. economy is headed, but if the statistics in this report are any indication, 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for the composite decking industry.

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