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5 Reasons to Build a Custom Fence

Not all fences are created equally – just take a look at the gates that surround Buckingham Palace. While all fences essentially serve the same purpose, some of the most famous fences in the world gained their popularity because of their uniqueness. When you need to build a new fence for your home, you can use standard cedar or vinyl fencing, which results in an aesthetically pleasing but unremarkable fence, or you can hire a contractor to design unique, custom fencing that will add to the aesthetic value of your home and give it curb appeal. Reasons to opt for custom fencing include:

1. You can have a unique structure that shows off your personal flair.

A white picket fence isn’t for everyone. With custom fencing, you can break away from the monotony in your neighborhood by installing cedar fencing that doubles as art. For example, some homeowners choose to incorporate open-weave lattice in their cedar fencing to provide a privacy barrier without completely boxing in the yard. When you add custom fencing to your home, you can incorporate difference designs between the slats, add decorative items to the tops of the posts, use different colored fencing materials or even add accent materials, like wrought iron.

2. Custom fencing allows you to work around design challenges in a simpler manner.

When you have a personalized fence built for your home, you do not have to alter your landscape just so you can install it. Trees that are too tall to remove, a hilly landscape and a rocky yard are no longer an issue when you choose custom fencing. With the help of a fencing contractor and a strategic design, you can turn landscaping challenges into stylish accents.

3. You can have a structure that complements the architecture of your home.

You wouldn’t place a chain link fence around a colonial-style home. Whether your home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or a local contractor, custom cedar fencing can be designed to complement the exterior of any home. For example, a custom fence can repeat lines, shapes or architectural themes that are present in your home’s design.

4. You can finally have a gate with some “wow” factor.

Every other gate in a neighborhood generally blends in with the fence boards for a seamless look. When you opt for custom fencing, you can banish the boring look and replace it with one that commands attention. Add an arbor or pergola to your gate to give it a regal, English rose garden look – even stock vinyl fencing can be customized this way. Or use a mix of straight and curved trelliswork to give your gate an Asian-inspired flair. You can also add metallic accents or a fancy handle to give your gate a personalized look.

5. A tailored fence can help meet your personal needs or the needs of your family.

If you have a dog, for example, you may need sturdy cedar fencing that can foil escape attempts. Vinyl fencing may discourage visits from neighborhood cats that find the material difficult to climb. On the other hand, you may have a family member with special mobility needs. A custom fence allows you create a fence and gate at a height that works for you. You may have a family member who is in a wheelchair, for example, and cannot reach the top latch of a traditional gate. When you design your fence, you can make sure your home is accessible to all members of your family.

Now that you know the benefits of creating your own custom structure, get all the details of your dream fence down on paper. If you are not sure where to start or need help with the planning, call a fencing contractor for tips, guidance and ideas.

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