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Create Your Own ‘Staycation’ Destination

composite deck outdoor living spaceEveryone’s buzzing about “staycations,” the big trend in recreation this summer.

It’s true that as the economy has caused travel budgets to shrink, homeowners are increasingly choosing to spend their money at home, creating outdoor living spaces to replace weekend and summer getaways. Demand for products such as grills, outdoor heaters, and outdoor furniture and accessories is expected to increase almost four percent annually during the next three years, according to market research firm The Freedonia Group.

If you’re like many Americans and won’t be able to travel far this year, here are some ideas to help you create a backyard paradise without spending a lot of money:

Light up a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. A few chairs placed around a crackling fire on a summer evening can instantly transport you, evoking those feelings of cozy fellowship associated with campouts and bonfires. You can dig a pit in your yard and line it with stones, or buy a small, portable outdoor fireplace or chiminea. Just keep your fire well away from your house and make sure the 4-foot area around it is not dry or combustible. Do not place an outdoor fireplace directly onto a wood deck; instead, set it on top of a heat-proof fire pit pad.

Build a pergola over your deck or patio. A pergola is an open-roof structure that helps define your outdoor living space. You can grow climbing vines on it for shade, giving your deck or patio a rustic, natural feel. Pergolas are also great for hanging outdoor decorations such as lanterns, flower baskets, string lights and even sheer curtains. Read more about the many uses of pergolas, or check out Rick’s latest deals on cedar pergolas.

Accessorize your backyard. Layer your outdoor decorations just as you would indoors. Incorporate solar accent lighting, bold pillows, candles, colorful ceramics and potted plants into your décor. Look for patio furniture in a variety of materials and textures.

By treating your deck or patio as you would any other room in the house, you can create an oasis that will make you happy to stay at home this summer.

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