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CoverStone is All the Rage for Portland Patios

CoverStone patio overlay

Before and After with CoverStone

At first glance, concrete makes a great patio material, since it’s affordable and long lasting. Yet as the years go by, many concrete patios end up looking a bit drab—pockmarked, stained, and just plain dirty. Today we’re introducing a new patio overlay product that can solve all your unsightly concrete patio problems. It’s called CoverStone, and it’s changing the hardscaping landscape.

CoverStone is a stone/epoxy system that is designed to go right on top of existing concrete patios. No need to jackhammer away the old patio—we can lay CoverStone right on top. This patio facelift is perfect for any residential or commercial setting where aesthetics matter. With stones available in a rainbow of colors, designers will enjoy plenty of flexibility with CoverStone. You can alternate different stone tones to create intricate designs, and even logos if you so wish.

Best of all, CoverStone is easy to clean with a hose. Overall, this product has low maintenance requirements—just wash annually with a pressure washer and seal every 24 months. For this small investment of time you can enjoy numerous benefits, first and foremost a revived patio and walkway area.

Benefits of CoverStone Patio Overlay:

–Easy to clean up stains, which makes it perfect for driveways
–CoverStone is a porous material, so water will seep right through rather than pooling on your walkways, pool decking, or patio.

–No cracking or need for repairs when the weather shifts. CoverStone expands and contracts up to 20% along with the surface it covers. And ice and snow are no match for this patio overlay.

–Quick curing time. CoverStone may be walked on the day following installation, and driven on four days after installation.

–Easy to repair. If shifting earth should cause a crack to appear, it’s easy to repair CoverStone with similar looking materials.

We’ll conclude with our favorite characteristic of CoverStone: Its affordability. This material costs less to install than tile, brick, slate, or flagstone—and for that lower price you also get to enjoy fewer maintenance requirements! If your patio, walkways, or driveway is looking dingy, give us a call to learn how CoverStone could revive your yard’s hardscaping.

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