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Consider a Good Neighbor Fence in High Wind Areas

Cedar fencing serves as a practical barrier when living in high wind areas, but it can also drive a wedge between you and your neighbor in your desire for privacy. When a fence goes up, tempers can often blow harder than the wind. Read on to find out how a good neighbor fence can help ease the tension – both between people and the elements!

Cedar Fencing

Why Build a Good Neighbor Fence?

Cedar fencing provides you and your neighbor with much-needed privacy, but that’s no reason to stifle a neighborly friendship. A good neighbor fence features alternating cedar fencing boards that look great from either side and provides plenty of privacy too. With a good neighbor fence, you can have your alone time and get along with your neighbor as well. A good neighbor fence will stand as a testament to the bond the both of you share.

Great for High Wind Areas

Normal cedar fencing such as a picture frame fence can sometimes cut off air for plants in high wind areas. The close-set boards of a picture frame fence allow less airflow; however, a good neighbor fence is built with small gaps in between the boards. This not only promotes camaraderie between neighbors, but it lets plenty of wind through that a picture frame fence could not, leading to happier plants and long-lasting stability for the fence.

A good neighbor fence may require more collaboration than other cedar fencing, but it will be well-worth the extra effort.

To get started on your very own good neighbor fence, or to discover other great cedar fencing ideas, get in touch with your nearest Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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