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PVC or Composite Decking? Portland Pets Want to Know

Basset on the DeckPVC decking, wood decking, composite decking – Portland and Salem residents may find the number of decking options somewhat dizzying. On a basic level, composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers, which are mixed together to create a solid form. On the other hand, PVC decking is composed entirely of plastic – specifically, polyvinyl chloride. This composition makes PVC decking entirely impervious to the mold that has been known to grow on composite decking. Salem, Portland and other wet cities are especially susceptible to this problem. Therefore, we recommend that Pacific Northwest homeowners choose PVC decking instead.

PVC decking offers many benefits. It requires almost no maintenance, aside from the occasional washing. It’s strong enough to last for decades. And today, PVC decking is molded to look like real wood – many people can’t even tell it’s plastic until the homeowner points it out!

Regardless of whether you choose PVC or composite decking, Portland and Salem residents can make the deck area more appealing to your furry friends by following the tips we’ve gathered below.

How to Make a Deck More Pet-Friendly


  • Make sure railings are narrow enough to contain dogs, and that your design includes a gate if needed.
  • Regularly check that deck fasteners are solid and secure.
  • Avoid narrow stairs, which are a frightening prospect for many animals.
  • Construct ramps to allow elderly pets to enjoy your outdoor living space with you.
  • Consider adding a built-in just for your pet. For instance, you might create a concealed small-space dog potty station or cat box if your decking area fills up most of the backyard. Dogs and cats also love lounging platforms, where they can hang out at eye level with their reclining owners.
  • Add a patio cover or pergola to defend against the sun on your PVC or composite decking. Salem and Portland pets have fur and more surface area facing the sun, so they are often more susceptible to heat stroke than their owners.
  • Built-in pet enclosures are another great idea. Why not incorporate a birdcage into your deck design so that Polly can join you on the patio? Additionally, many dogs are most at ease in their own crate, so it might make sense to include a special outdoor spot for the crate.
  • Don’t forget to think about entertainment for your pet. A cat, for instance, will relish an outdoor fountain near your decking. This will attract birds and other wildlife—the perfect entertainment for a feline.

Pets love us unconditionally and expect very little in return. To show them your gratitude, shower your pets with the animal-friendly decking features listed above. And if you need a little help creating the perfect outdoor area for your pooch, kitty or pet lizard, give us a call or visit one of our five locations in Oregon and Washington.


[ Photo by: donjd2, via CC License ]

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  1. Alleya says:

    I used PVC decking and PVC fencing for my dog’s cage as it is more durable and it kept away molds. Thanks for this post for the better explanation!

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