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Read Your Fenceoscope: What Does Your Fence Say About You?

Rock FencingYour fence is an integral part of your home’s first impression. The type of fence you install and how well you maintain it can say a lot about you as a homeowner. Whether you opt for vinyl fencing, install a DIY chain link fence or surround yourself with cedar for privacy, the fence materials Salem and Portland homeowners choose can send a distinct message to visitors and passersby.

Here’s a look at some of the different fence materials Salem and Portland residents commonly use and what they might say about you.

Chain Link Fence: You Mean Business

The most utilitarian and practical of all the fence types, chain link fencing serves its purpose: to outline a property and keep intruders from entering. When putting up a plain chain link fence, Portland and Salem homeowners may be inadvertently expressing to others that they are on a budget and seek functionality in all things. A basic chain link fence tells the world you live a no-fuss lifestyle that keeps you busy, but you have big plans for future success.

However, with the same chain link fence, Portland residents can add climbing plants and other foliage to make a more whimsical statement. If you have chain link fence that you fancied-up with flowers and vines, you may demonstrate that you are artistic, have a mind full of creative ideas and like to add beauty to functionality. You embrace differences, are open to change and try to find beauty in all things. Friends feel welcome in your home and admire your ability to combine frugality and art in a way that works well.

Natural Fence: You’re Green

Natural fences do not use boards, posts, links or other any type of commercial fence materials. Salem and Portland homeowners who go the natural fencing route instead utilize trees, shrubs or bamboo to create a perimeter around their yards and provide privacy. Some homeowners use a natural fence around the perimeter of a man-made fence to hide it or dress it up.

Common natural fence materials generally include bamboo (the fastest growing plant on earth), the Thuja Green Giant (the fastest growing evergreen), Leyland Cyprus or Lombardy poplar trees. Some homeowners also use American holly to create a hedge.

A natural fence may tell others that your home has a simple yet interesting décor that is eco-friendly. It can also express a warm nature and indicate that you enjoy the company of friends and have an interest in far-flung travel destinations, a good sense of humor, a love for the environment, a penchant for discovering new things and a unique way of approaching life that others want to emulate.

Cedar Fence: You’re a Traditionalist

The cedar fence is a popular boundary marker among suburban homeowners because it offers a traditional style, is naturally resistant to molds, provides privacy and is cost efficient. With basic fence materials, Salem homeowners can build and repair their own cedar fencing.

If your home has a cedar fence, others may expect to find the interior filled with family portraits, trunks overflowing with toys, inherited kitchenware that you cherish, and your family at its center. A cedar fence may also indicate that you value tradition and like to surround yourself with those who love you. It can also suggest that you value your privacy and prefer to keep your distance from those not closely connected with you.

Vinyl Fencing: You’re Sophisticated and Busy

Vinyl fencing gives you the look of traditional wood fencing, but without all the maintenance. While most vinyl fences are white, you can also purchase those that resemble wood grain. If you seek vinyl fence materials, Salem contractors can tell you about all of the options available. There is no need to paint or seal vinyl fencing, and cleaning it merely involves spraying it down with water.

A vinyl fence can indicate that you have a busy lifestyle and are stylish and sophisticated. You keep up on all the trends, aren’t afraid to try out the latest technology, are organized and self-confident, like to do things as efficiently as possible and value those who are protective, understanding and good listeners.

In addition to being functional, your fence is also a reflection of pride in homeownership and personal style. With quality fence materials, Salem contractors can help you send a powerful message with your fence that can increase the value and curb appeal of your home.

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