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Chain Link Fence: Portland Tips for a Quality Installation

Chain Link FenceThere are plenty of reasons for installing a chain link fence. Portland homeowners value utilitarian chain link fences as a great way to improve security, for instance. Another advantage of chain link fencing is that it is virtually maintenance-free. If you’re thinking of hiring a contractor for a chain link fence installation, Portland residents can consider the following tips to help you ensure a high-quality, solid chain link fence.

Ensure that the contractor is licensed by the state.  Portland homeowners should always check that their handymen are properly licensed and experienced for fence installation.

Portland zoning regulations, restrictive property covenants and utility lines must be checked. Lay out fence lines before breaking ground. Ensure that the fence will be 4-6 inches within your property lines. Also check for utility lines and figure out how you will protect any that run near your fence installation. Portland city laws also place certain restrictions on fencing; for instance, a residential fence is rarely allowed to be more than six feet tall. Finally, check with your deed and your neighbors to see if any fencing agreements limit your installation options. Doing this “fencing homework” before you start digging will help you avoid costly repairs and adjustments later on.

Fence Post Concerns: Checking the Skeleton of your Chain Link Fence

Portland homeowners can think of fence posts as the underlying “bones” of any fence. Posts provide the strength for any fence installation. Portland property owners can check the quality of fence post installation by reviewing these major questions:

  • Is the diameter of each hole appropriate for the size of post?
  • Are the postholes cylindrical or cone-shaped? Cylindrical holes with a consistent diameter work better than v-shaped holes that come to a point at the bottom. The latter hole shape can cause posts to heave upwards in extreme cold.
  • Are posts spaced evenly?
  • Were the posts installed at the depth stated in the construction contract/agreement?
  • Do the post heights follow the contour of the ground? Posts should only be at the same height if the ground is even.

Chain Link Fabric Considerations: Checking the Skin of your Chain Link Fence

Portland homeowners should check that the fabric (the woven steel links) meet the specifications in the construction agreement. Additionally, you should ensure that the fabric is stretched tightly against the posts.

Overall Operation Matters: Post-Construction Checkpoints

Once your chain link fence is up, take a step back to make sure that it looks “sharp.” It should have clean geometric lines, creating an appealing look from the curb. If your design includes a gate, it should operate smoothly. Finally, take a look around the construction site to make sure that the workers have cleaned up by removing materials and excess dirt.

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