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3 Challenges with Chain Link Fencing and How to Solve Them

Chain Link FenceChain link fencing is one of the more economical and durable fence materials on the market. There are more chain link fence options today than ever before, with a variety of styles, heights and colors available. Yet when selecting fence materials, Portland homeowners often seem to shy away from chain link, despite its versatility.

The following is a look at some of the common challenges homeowners face with chain link fencing, as well as tips on how to overcome them. Also, keep in mind that if you are considering installing a chain link fence, Portland contractors can advise you on how to ensure the fencing meets your needs.

1. They Are Unattractive

Gray steel woven together is not necessarily the most appealing look for the perimeter of a home, especially when compared to the charm of a cedar fence or the elegant wrought-iron look of aluminum fencing. The truth is that homeowners typically purchase chain link fencing because of its affordable price, not because of how it looks.

The good news is that for homeowners contemplating installing a chain link fence, Portland vendors offer an increasing variety of styles that are intended to blend in with your home’s landscaping. One of the latest innovations is vinyl-coated chain link fencing that comes in black, brown or green. By choosing alternatively colored fence materials, Portland homeowners can create a more aesthetically pleasing fence that is still affordable.

Another popular way to mask the industrial look of chain link fencing is to make it a part of your landscape design by lining it with tall shrubs or climbing plants. Train the plants to grow up the height and length of the fence to cover it with vines, leaves and flowers. Good plant options to consider include wisteria, morning glory, honeysuckle, ivy, passionflower, sweet peas, the Chilean glory flower, black-eyed Susan vines and jasmine.

2. Intruders Easily Climb Them

The size of the holes in most standard chain link fencing provides a perfect foothold for unwanted guests, such as neighborhood kids or more sinister intruders. Barbed wire and razor wire may be illegal to use in your Portland neighborhood, so you may have to opt for safer solutions that are just as effective.

One of the easiest ways to keep intruders from climbing your chain link fencing is to plant thorny bushes around its perimeter that promise to pierce the skin of anyone attempting to scale it. Good plant options include rose bushes, Oregon grape, holly, firethorns, hawthorn, blackberries, bougainvillea and pyracantha. You can train the thorny plant varieties that produce vines to grow up the fence. When planting thorny deterrents around your chain link fence, Portland landscape experts advise, take note of how wide they are when fully grown so you can avoid future overcrowding.

Additionally, the addition of a trellis on top of your chain link fencing will make it higher and less attractive to intruders. To make the trellis look more attractive to you, but not those who may want to climb your chain link fence in Portland, train thorny climbing vines to grow on it. If an intruder attempts to climb over a trellis, it will snap, make a loud sound and break into jagged points – all notions an intruder hopefully has the forethought to consider before attempting to scale your fence.

3. No Privacy

One of the biggest problems with using a chain link fence around your home is the lack of privacy it provides. No longer can you soak up the sun, enjoy a backyard barbeque, garden or take a dip in your swimming pool without all of your neighbors knowing about it.

To help add privacy to your chain link fence materials, Portland contractors can provide aluminum fence inserts or privacy slats. Fence inserts are strips of aluminum that are woven between the links of a fence to create the look of lattice. Aluminum privacy slats come in a variety of colors to match the look of your home. Alternatively, you can line the inside of the chain link fencing with bamboo and reed fencing for a Polynesian-inspired look.

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