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How to Make Chain Link Fence Art

Chain Link Fence Art: American Flag When it comes to fence materials, Portland homes vary widely. Some of the area’s oldest homes feature wrought-iron fences with brick posts. Craftsman-style cottages, on the other hand, may feature picket fences.

However, many homes in the Rose City were built in the 1950s, a utilitarian time in design; thus, many a 1950s PDX ranch is protected by a chain link fence. Portland residents may initially cringe at the idea of having a home surrounded by boring, unattractive chain link fencing. Thankfully, however, Portlanders are also creative enough to see any drab chain link fence as an empty canvas ready to be made into art. In order to jazz up a boring chain link fence, Portland residents can use the following ideas for making chain link fence art.

1.  Create a wall of decorated CDs. Circular design is a good balance against the angular look of a chain link fence. Portland residents can decorate CDs and tie them to their chain link fences for a moving, eye-catching, crow-repelling fence installation.

2. Use Styrofoam cups as “pixels” in a fence painting. Sporting teams and creative advertisers across the country have long seen chain link fences as large grids of potential communication space. You can convey your own message by carefully placing Styrofoam cups in the holes of your chain link fence. Portland artists and graphic designers can get especially tricky and think about each cup as a pixel in a larger photo. If you’d like a free download that creates fence pictures from photographs, visit the website for Put-In-Cups, a company that makes long-lasting fence decorators to take the place of Styrofoam cups in large-scale fence art.

3. ‘Embroider’ using plastic fence weave. This idea was conceived by artist Kate Daniels, who used plastic fence weave, spools, lids and cable ties to create beautiful fence embroidery in New York City last year. Create your own designs by weaving weather-resistant plastic materials in and out of your chain link fence.

4. Create a vertical garden on your chain link fence materials. Portland’s calm, temperate climate makes for wonderful gardening weather. You can create a vertical garden by saving plastic bottles and planting seeds in each. Hang these easy-to-make planters on your chain link fence, and you’ll have a wall of veggies, herbs or flowers to enjoy in no time. Just don’t forget to “water your fence,” so to speak.

Yarn and vinyl slats are other good materials for your chain link fence art project.

[ photo by: Editor B ]

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One Response to “How to Make Chain Link Fence Art”

  1. Mabel Tanner says:

    Some great ideas! I never thought about using Styrofoam cups, it’s just brilliant! If I ever get a chainlink fence, I’ll be back for more of your amazing ideas! Do you have a picture of the Embroider/fence weave you were talking about? I’d love to see that, sounds really different.

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