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Cedar Fence Boards: What Is Dog-eared Fencing?

Wood fenceDog-eared wood fences enjoy enduring popularity among homeowners. The boards in this fence style are slightly altered at the top. Imagine the rectangular shape at the top of a fence board; on a dog-eared fence, the top corners are removed. The flat spot that’s left behind reminds one of a folded page in a book. This is where the dog-eared fence gets its name – the shape of the board looks somewhat like a floppy beagle ear.

One reason for the popularity of dog-eared fencing is its design flexibility. With no extra spacing between boards, a dog-eared fence makes an excellent privacy fence. Or, if you’re aiming for more of a picket fence design, individual boards may be spaced out evenly. Alternatively, if you want to allow wind to blow through, or you simply want both sides of the fence to look the same, opt for a Good Neighbor dog-eared fence. In this style, boards are placed on one side of the fence, and then the other, in an alternating fashion. This creates a visually interesting pattern and a fence that looks equally good from both sides.

Dog-eared wood fences are especially popular for backyards. Many homeowners like the way the external side of a solid dog-eared fence is clean and smooth, conveying a positive image to the outside world. Moreover, the dog-ear shape at the top of the fence adds a bit of style.

A few more benefits of dog-eared wood fences:

  • Affordable, since they don’t require ornate board alterations. Those two corner cuts on each board banish visual monotony, but they don’t add much extra cost.
  • Safe for families, since they don’t have any sharp, pokey edges. (Contrast the pointy picket fence top to the dog-eared design, and you’ll appreciate our point.)
  • Add curb appeal, since most potential homebuyers like the dog-eared style.

If you’re interested in adding a dog-eared privacy fence to your own yard, give us a call. We can sell just fence materials to the DIY type, or our fencing experts can set posts and leave the rest up to you. Or, if you want us to take care of the entire installation, we’re happy to do that, too.

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