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3 Reasons to Build a Cedar Fence before Selling Your Home

Picket Cedar FenceWhen selling a property, homeowners generally understand that their home is more likely to sell if it is clean and well maintained. However, they may not as readily name the construction of a new cedar fence as a technique for attracting homebuyers. Below, we explain why adding a cedar fence is a great way to entice buyers to your property.

Curb Appeal: Making a Great First Impression

As Forbes reported earlier this year, New York University researchers have discovered that we humans make eleven decisions about each other within the first seven seconds of meeting. If that’s the case for meeting people, imagine how quickly homebuyers make up their minds about potential properties! Real estate agents focus on curb appeal because it is a crucial ingredient in making a great first impression with potential buyers.

Cedar fence materials can help boost curb appeal in several ways. First, consider the security provided by fence materials. Portland is a pretty safe place, but all homeowners like to feel protected. Furthermore, a cedar fence can help you hide the less attractive parts of your yard. Fence those zones away from the street, and you’ll not only beautify the view from the street, but you’ll also hint at a hidden oasis in the rear of your property.

Increased Property Values

As long as it’s not outlandish or loud, a new fence will increase your property value. A new fence is a distinguishing feature that will allow you to ask a higher asking price. (Just be sure your new fence follows any applicable HOA rules – otherwise, you will probably not see a significant return on investment, since the new buyers will have to replace the cedar fence materials.)

The Universality of Cedar Fence Material

Portland real estate agents encourage sellers to de-clutter and de-personalize sale properties for one simple reason: Potential buyers are more likely to imagine themselves in a certain home if there are no distracting personal knickknacks. The point is that you want to choose fence materials that will appeal to the majority of potential buyers. For instance, a hot pink vinyl fence will probably not win you many buyers. A cedar fence, however, will.

Despite the advent of vinyl and other plastic-based, maintenance-free fencing materials, wood remains the most popular construction material for fencing. And when it comes to selecting fence materials, Portland homeowners are likely to select cedar, since it is native to the Pacific Northwest, beautiful, sustainable and durable. Why, cedar even discourages stinging insects through its naturally repellant sap! If you plan on adding a fence to your home before selling it, cedar is a wise choice because it is so universally loved.

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