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How to Remove Graffiti from a Wood Fence Installation

graffiti on fenceThere’s nothing like putting in the time and expense to build a fence, only to have vandals spray paint all over your new fence installation. Tri-Cities homeowners have struggled over the past year with serial taggers who have left dozens of marks all over fences, walls and garages in the area.

According to conservative estimates, tagging has cost residents and the City of Kennewick at least $10,000 in property damage to walls and fence installations. Tri-Cities police have been working to get a handle on the graffiti problem.

Unfortunately, tagging is an issue in many Northwest cities, blemishing public and private property alike. Following are some tips for cleaning spray painted graffiti off your cedar fence materials:

Step 1: Act quickly. Graffiti removal works best if you do it before the paint has fully dried and soaked into your cedar fence materials.

Step 2: Apply paint thinner. Wet a rag with paint thinner and press it onto the affected area to try and soak up as much of the paint as possible.

Step 3: Pressure wash. Use a power washer to remove the remaining paint. However, keep in mind that the pressure will also strip away some of your cedar fence materials as well, so go slowly and don’t overdo it.

Step 4: Sand. If power washing doesn’t finish the job, sand off the rest with medium-grade sandpaper. You’ll need to reapply finish or sealant to the sanded area.

If you’re having recurring problems with graffiti or tagging in your neighborhood, notify the police.

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