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Feng Shui for Your Backyard Landscape

backyard fountainFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing objects in a balanced manner and is based on the concept of yin and yang and the flow of energy. In any garden or yard, you can use Feng Shui principles for arranging your plants, trees, rocks, cedar fence materials, water features and other décor items to create a pleasing landscape.

To create the ultimate Zen paradise in your backyard, begin by protecting your landscape from roads, pollution and industrial areas, using wood or other fence materials Salem contractors can provide.

Protection from Negative Environmental Impacts

Good Feng Shui in backyards combines a sense of quiet, cleanliness and peace. The philosophy behind Feng Shui states that negative environmental impacts, such as pollution, can disrupt the flow of energy, or chi, which tradition says can bring good luck. Additionally, clean water and a fresh breeze can bring health and wellness to a homeowner.

The ancient Chinese who lived in the valleys of mountains believed they enjoyed prosperity because they used a natural barrier (mountains) to protect their lands. Salem fencing made of cedar or other elements, such as vinyl, can provide privacy and protection as well as help reduce the amount of noise, air pollution and wind in a backyard.

Include Elements that Comfort

The three most important elements to include in a Zen garden are rocks, plants and water. Stone walls accenting cedar fence materials, large rocks and rock gardens are important Feng Shui elements that help create a sense of comfort and security in a landscape design.

Feng Shui philosophy states that rocks create an artificial barrier that reflects negative energy away from your home in order to protect it and your backyard. Rocks and stones can also help create a modern-looking garden and provide a sense of balance. Using trees or bushes as part of a natural fence, or accenting your Salem fencing with plants and climbing vines, can also create a barrier that can help you feel secure and at peace.

Create Open Spaces

Qi is a life force energy that flows throughout a space in Feng Shui philosophy. To promote the flow of Qi in your backyard landscape, avoid overcrowding. Within the perimeter of your cedar fence materials, use flowers, plants and small shrubs to help create open spaces that allow the flow of Qi. Additionally, Feng Shui philosophy states that you should create an open area in front of your doors and gates to allow the flow of Qi throughout your home so it can bring positive changes. For example, do not place large trees next to your door, because they supposedly trap Qi and send the energy to their roots. The key to Qi is keeping your design elements simple, welcoming and open.

Mountains Behind, Water in Front

Feng Shui philosophy dictates, “The mountain is behind and the water is in front.” In other words, include water features within the walls of your Salem fencing. In Feng Shui, water represents wealth, and the mountain (your cedar fence materials) can help contain your wealth. Good water elements for your backyard landscape include a waterfall with rocks, a fountain, a swimming pool or a pond with goldfish and aquatic plants.

Feng Shui Plants

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, each plant in your backyard stores and uses energy. In order to balance this energy, you should use a color palette based on the Bagua Color Theory, which places colors in an octagonal pattern. In the Bagua color wheel, the bottom side of the octagon, which should be closest to your home, is black. The following colors, going clockwise, are blue, green, purple, red, pink, white and gray. Use yellow in the middle. To help balance a monochromatic garden, incorporate a plant of a contrasting color. For example, plant white flowers among green foliage. In addition to color, keep proportions in mind. Elements in your garden should only slightly differ in size or height.

Cedar fence materials, patio furniture and garden décor can all add to your garden’s Feng Shui if they help create a personal, inviting, relaxing and comfortable environment. The sound of bamboo wind chimes can remind you of pleasant times and help you relax. Not only is creating a Zen backyard landscape an investment in your home, it is also an investment in your peace of mind.

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