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Are Cedar Fence Materials Worth the Maintenance?

Decorator Cedar FenceIf you’re in the market for fence materials, Portland residents, you may be wondering if cedar fencing is worth the time and effort its upkeep requires. The following list of cedar fencing disadvantages and advantages should help you decide if this is the right fencing option for you.

Disadvantages of Cedar Fence Materials

Cedar fences require regular maintenance.

While jogging around town, you may have noticed especially dilapidated cedar fence material, Portland residents. If not maintained properly, cedar fences can become neighborhood eyesores. Without proper sealant, moisture can soak into cedar fence materials. Changes in temperature cause this water to expand and contract, damaging the surrounding wood. Proper maintenance for cedar fence materials includes annual cleaning, re-sealing, and re-staining. Homeowners must also be vigilant about replacing damaged boards and checking for splinters and popped nails.

Cedar turns gray with time, especially when unsealed.

Unlike vinyl fence materials, Portland homeowners will notice that their cedar fences change color over time. A gray tone can settle into cedar fence material. Portland residents may like this silvery seaside style, or they may find it unattractive. If you’re hoping for consistently red/brown color in your cedar fence, be sure to re-seal and re-stain it regularly.

Advantages of Cedar Fence Materials

Cedar Blocks Cold Wind and Loud Noises.

If there’s any city that could use high noise ratings for fence materials, Portland is it. The Rose City’s indie band culture is charming when you’re a passerby, but band practice can be quite annoying for neighbors. Because it has a cellular structure that includes insulating pockets of air, cedar blocks noise almost as well as concrete. The same structural property makes cedar especially well suited to blocking cold winds.

Cedar Naturally Repels Pests.

Cedar wood contains special oil that repulses insects, meaning that a cedar fence is highly unlikely to be the victim of a termite infestation. The same smell that drives bugs away will delight your family and friends.

Cedar is Gorgeous.

This may be the #1 reason for cedar’s continuing popularity when used in fence materials. Portland homeowners love the warm glow of a cedar fence. No other fencing material so beautifully represents the wooded wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest.

As you can see, cedar has its upsides and downsides when used as a fencing material. In the end, if you’re willing to put in a little tender loving care to its maintenance, a cedar fence will compliment your property beautifully—and (one final benefit) likely raise your property value considerably.

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