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Lawn and Garden Season: Celebrate by Adding a Trellis to Your New Cedar Fence

Trellis 2We are in the season of tending to our lawns and gardens. Celebrate by adding a trellis to your cedar fence design.

Trellises: Decorative and Structural

In addition to adding aesthetic appeal to your cedar fence, a trellis plays an architectural role by creating a structure for climbing plants to grow on.

There are many options when selecting and purchasing a trellis, but common materials include wood, metal and even vinyl. A variety of styles are available to complement your outdoor living space and the exterior of your home. A trellis may be built next to a fence, on a cedar fence for support, or freestanding. You can also paint your trellis to match the color of the flowers it supports, or to match your home’s exterior.

Although many homeowners purchase freestanding trellis for planting purposes, you can also incorporate a trellis section along the top of any cedar fence design. This style of fencing is functional because you can see through it, but also provides some security and privacy.

Ways to add a Trellis in Your Yard

  •  You can attach a trellis to a cedar fence, or even attach one to a chain link fence. One attractive option is a lattice trellis.
  • Build a rose bush trellis for climbing roses. The trellis adds charm and beauty while giving your roses something to climb on.
  • Attach a lightweight trellis to a cedar fence and grow gentle climbing plants such as clematis on it.
  • Use a solid structure or heavier lattice trellis for more aggressive climbing plants, such as wisteria.

Now is a great time to get out in the garden, and a new trellis may be just the decorative touch you need to achieve an attractive result.


[ Photo by: guldfisken, via CC License ]

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