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Cedar Decks get Garden Crazy in Portland

cedar deckPortland is full of green thumbs. We’re talking about those fanatical gardeners who are ready to talk your ear off about their homegrown flowers and veggies. And no wonder there’s such passion for gardening in The Rose City – Portland’s incredibly long growing season and mild climate allows gardeners to grow almost anything here.

In our years of building cedar decks, we’ve fielded plenty of requests to integrate gardening beds into our deck designs. Here are three ways you can make your beautiful cedar deck even more inviting with built-in gardening spaces:

1. Add raised beds on the sides of your deck. Are there some parts of your deck that are rarely used? Maximize space and add visual interest by adding raised beds there. For a look that really “pops,” plant vibrant wildflowers in your deck design’s accent colors. A splash of tangerine orange or lime green can enchant the eye – and make much better use of your space.

2. Build raised veggie beds within arm’s reach of your deck. A veggie garden is easy to enjoy when it’s at arm’s reach of your outdoor living space. Avoid low back pain by building a raised bed that’s elevated to about hip-height. That way, you won’t have to bend over to snack on your garden’s bounty. Elevated beds may be created with sturdy wood construction, or you can create an elevated planting area by adding a short wall and planting behind it.

3. Add narrow beds around smaller decks. Even if your yard is small, you can create outdoor rooms that feel comfortable and look stunning. For instance, your decking area could be bordered with narrow raised beds housing Portland favorites such as peonies and roses. For an even more private feel, add a trellis. Climbing plants can ascend the trellis to create a secluded retreat.

If you’re considering adding a new cedar deck to your home, now is the perfect time to plan some built-in gardening areas. Or, if you’ve already got a beautiful decking area in place, the ideas listed above can generally be realized with a weekend of DIY work. Of course, if you’d rather leave the design and construction to us, we can turn your decking area into a lush gardener’s paradise – just give us a call.

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