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A Pacific Northwest Port Orford Cedar Deck Means Beauty and Durability

Kick-ass deckCedar is one of the most popular materials for decks; Gresham, Oregon neighborhoods are full of cedar decks. Port Orford cedar is the strongest of all cedars and is grown locally along the southern Oregon coast, which is why we use it as our cedar deck material of choice. If you’re looking into adding a cedar deck to your home, keep reading to learn why cedar – particularly Port Orford cedar – is a fantastic choice.

Strength, durability and resistance. Cedar is strong, and Port Orford cedar is as strong as the mighty Douglas fir. The natural oils within the wood make it decay- and insect-resistant, making it an ideal choice for boats, floors, cedar fence posts, stadium seats and even park benches. Port Orford cedar’s heartwood has an in-ground life of up to 25 years, making these cedar decks highly durable.

It can take a beating from the weather. The decks Gresham, Oregon residents build are wet for a great part of the year. Port Orford cedar is ideal in this type of weather because it doesn’t warp. A cedar deck made from this material is also naturally UV-ray resistant.

Simple to use. Cedar’s naturally light color gives it the ability to accept stains well. It’s lightweight, as well, which makes it easy to build with.

Cultural significance. The world’s largest rocking chair is made of cedar, as are sacred Japanese temples. The largest Port Orford cedar in the world at Elk Creek in Powers, Ore., stands at taller than 232 feet with a circumference of 43.5 feet (and growing). You can find the oldest cedars in the Northwest in Mount Rainer National Park’s Grove of Patriarchs.

A cedar deck is a beautiful, natural choice to use both inside and outside your home. It comes in a variety of tones, so every taste can be satisfied. Call or visit our Gresham store to learn about the custom cedar deck design options available.



[ Photo by: gemteck1, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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