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What to Do if a Storm Damages Your Fence or Deck

Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog responsible for making the call on Groundhog Day, very clearly saw his shadow this year. Unfortunately, that means we’re in for another six weeks of winter. That’s another six weeks of storms that could cause damage to your cedar fence materials or cedar decking.

Washington and Oregon residents are aware of the toll winter’s moisture can take on wood fencing and decking. A poorly sealed deck or fence quickly becomes saturated with rain and snow, allowing mold, mildew and fungi to take up residence. Wood rot soon follows. Restaining and resealing your fence or deck every year prevents this form of storm damage.

Major storms cause more dramatic forms of destruction. High winds, for instance, can knock down tree limbs, which can wreck cedar fence materials. Here’s a look at what to do if your fence or deck is damaged in a storm:

Check for stability. Before stepping onto your deck or undertaking any work on your fence, carefully inspect it for structural stability, since a visual survey may not turn up underlying structural weaknesses. Also, watch out for any downed power lines around your yard.

Sweep away debris. Wintery gusts often send debris flying onto your cedar decking. Washington and Oregon homeowners can help minimize future problems by quickly sweeping away any leaves, branches or other detritus deposited by winter winds. This will allow you to take full stock of the damage, as well as avert rot and unsightly tannin staining.

Take photos. If your deck or cedar fence materials sustain more intense forms of damage, remember that repairs may be covered by insurance. To satisfy insurance claim requirements, take photographs as evidence of damage.

Contact us. We work with all major insurance companies, so you won’t have to worry about payment. Free on-site consultations and free insurance estimates are included with a storm damage visit from Rick’s. And because we’re the leading fencing and decking contractors in the Pacific Northwest, with five convenient locations in Oregon and Washington, you can rest assured that any storm damage repairs we provide will last.

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