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3 Lighting Ideas for Washington Cedar Decking

deck lightingA cedar deck is no longer just a place to stick the grill. Decks in the Pacific Northwest are now often treated much the same as any other room in the home, with decorative rugs, comfortable furniture and, of course, ambient lighting.

When lighting their cedar decking, Washington homeowners have a wide array of options beyond simply installing a back porch light. On the upscale end, patio covers can be wired for ceiling fans or chandeliers, while LED ropes and string lights provide a low-cost alternative.

Here’s a look at a three popular ways to light cedar decks in Vancouver and beyond:

1. Solar post caps.

Solar-lighted post caps are decorative fixtures that are installed on top of the posts of a cedar deck. They’re typically available in an assortment of materials, including metal, plastic, glass and wood, to match the style of your cedar decking. Washington homeowners whose yards see some sun during the day can enjoy the benefits of ambient light around the entire perimeter of the deck without the need for electrical wiring. Look for post caps with on/off switches so you can control the amount of evening light your deck receives.

2. LED step lights.

If your deck includes stairs, consider accenting them with LED lighting both as a decorative touch and to improve the safety of your cedar deck. Vancouver backyards with heavy tree growth can become particularly dark at night, and lighting the stairs may prevent you or your guests from taking a nasty fall. LED deck lighting kits are available to provide energy efficient accent lighting for stairs and any other parts of the deck that may pose a safety hazard.

3. Solar string lights.

If you have a pergola or patio cover, you can line it with solar-powered string lights, which provide a touch of romance to your deck’s ambience. These lights can be used anywhere around your deck, without the need for an electrical outlet.

[ photo by: SurprisePally ]

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