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How to Clean Different Types of Decking: Cedar Decking vs. PVC Decking

cedar decking photoLooking down at your cedar or PVC decking, your eye may be drawn to an unattractive sprinkling of stains, built up over months of deck enjoyment: the ketchupy remnants of fallen burgers; the built-up grime of rainy winters; and the Rorschach-esque burgundy blob where you spilled wine last summer. Life gets messy sometimes, and outdoor living can leave your deck looking worn out. Fortunately, cleaning your deck can give it new life.

Cleaning a PVC deck: Between cedar and PVC decks, we’ll volunteer for cleaning a PVC deck any day. That’s because PVC decking (like vinyl fencing) cleans up with just soap and water. An annual wipe-down of your PVC decking will keep it looking like new – especially since this plastic-based material is resistant to scratches and stains. This, along with the fact that PVC decking has no organic material to sustain mold or mildew growth, is a big reason we love working with this material.

Cleaning a cedar deck: In contrast, cleaning cedar decking is a multi-day process that must be done every other year or so in order to keep your deck looking good. The first step is to power wash the whole deck and sand down any areas that are rough. Stains will also lift away with extra power washing and sanding. Let the whole deck dry thoroughly, then stain and reseal it.

As you can imagine, cleaning a cedar deck is not easy, and it can take many hours to complete. Knowing this, we offer deck “facelifts” – i.e., deck resurfacing, for our customers who would prefer not to waste the best time of the year on maintenance projects. Let us do the hard work while you supervise from the shade – you’ll love seeing your newly resurfaced deck completely free of stains and looking brand new.

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2 Responses to “How to Clean Different Types of Decking: Cedar Decking vs. PVC Decking”

  1. Terri says:

    The wind has blown down a pile of slimy leaves off my roof onto the deck and though it has been stained and sealed I find the surface slippery after getting the leaves off even if I get them off right away. The leaves are coming with their own slime from being on the roof I guess!

    How do I clean my deck of this slime during the winter that doesn’t require my spring/summer process of stripping and drying etc.? Is there a solution that works?

  2. Rick's Fencing says:

    Dear Terri,

    That’s a great question. I have found myself in a similar situation at my own house. What I have done in the past is similar to what you have done.
    First, try to get the leaves off right away. The second step is to use a product called 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. It works very well in getting the mold (slime) off your deck and can be used in the wet months without having to get out your pressure washer. Here is a link to their site

    Hope this helps.

    Tyler Overby
    Sales Operations Manager

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