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Designing the Shape of Your Portland Decking

Creative Cedar Decking DesignIn the early days of cedar decking, Portland, Oregon homeowners had very few choices as far as the shape of their decks was concerned. As in communities across the country, Portland decking materials was generally only shaped into rectangular forms.

Today, however, cedar decking designs are no longer limited to quadrilateral profiles. Indeed, today’s home improvement designers relish building decks in the shape of ovals, octagons and even triangles. The following is a look at the many shapes today’s cedar decking can take on, plus tips on choosing the right deck shape for your home.

Unusual Shapes for Portland Decking Materials

Circular and oval. Round deck designs can contain curving lines to compliment swimming pools, trees or other property features. In general, curving shapes are calming to the eye; decks with flowing circular shapes will leave a serene, restful impression on the viewer.

L-shaped. These decks are excellent for homes with multiple deck entries. The L shape allows a deck to wrap around two sides of a building.

Hexagon-shaped. These deck designs are especially attractive when they mirror pre-existing structures, such as a gazebo. When doubled or stacked, hexagon-shaped cedar decking can create star-like patterns.

Triangular. Triangular deck designs can mirror natural features, such as mountain ranges. Zigzagging triangular deck shapes are energizing for the viewer.

Serpentine. Serpentine decks can also compliment natural elements like streams. A serpentine deck can also serve as a meandering garden path between two different buildings.

In the end, your contractor’s ability and your own imagination are only factors limiting the shape of your Portland decking materials.

How to Choose the Best Shape for your Cedar Decking Project

To see a high ROI on their decking, Portland, Oregon residents should follow the design tips below to choose the best shape for cedar decking designs.

Match the shape and size of your deck to the rest of your home. Consider your home’s architectural themes when designing your decking. Portland, Oregon is home to many Craftsman-style homes, which tend to prominently feature rectangles. A quadrilateral deck would compliment a craftsman home. On the other end of the design spectrum, some Portland homes feature modern sensibilities, with clean, angular exterior lines and simple, open floor plans. Circular decks can balance the stark angles of such modern homes.

Plan extra space for outdoor rooms. Generally speaking, you’ll need to set aside a bit more space for outdoor rooms than you might for their interior counterparts. For instance, if your family is used to a 16-inch by 18-inch family room, your outdoor room should be slightly larger, say 18 inches by 20 inches. There are several reasons for this adjustment; for one thing, outdoor furniture is generally larger than indoor furniture. You may find that a certain shape maximizes the space available for outdoor living. Don’t assume that a square or rectangle is the most effective shape for your cedar decking; experiment with other shapes to create a comfortable, unique outdoor living space.

Echo striking natural elements. As mentioned above, a deck design can mirror and emphasize nearby natural features. For example, if your cedar decking happens to look out at the view of a mountain, a series of triangular cedar decking sections could mirror the shape of the mountain. Today, decks can even be planned around existing trees. A circular deck could perfectly mirror the shade provided by a well-loved tree. Choose a deck shape that emphasizes your favorite features and natural elements.

Get creative. Are you an avid lover of all things that bloom? Why not create your deck in the shape of your favorite blossom? Throw together several shapes to create symbols in your cedar decking. This approach is especially popular for applications of commercial decking. Portland, Oregon breweries, for instance, could opt to build decks in the shape of hop blossoms or pint glasses.

Think about flow. As you choose the perfect shape for your Portland decking materials, think about how people will naturally want to flow through the space your deck will occupy. Choose a deck shape that allows easy access to doors, tables and seating. Also factor in access to hot tubs and garden beds.

Deck design is no longer a straightforward blend of rectangular shapes. Today’s decking doesn’t have to be boring! It can express nearly any theme through myriad shapes.

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