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Cedar Deck: Portland Tips for Holiday Decorating

Christmas LightsDeck the deck with strands of holly! No, wait… Something’s not right there. Decking the halls makes good sense – but leaving holly on your cedar deck, Portland residents, is not a good idea. Left in place too long, holly attracts water and can cause damage to a cedar deck. Below, we offer more outdoor holiday decorating ideas for your decking materials. Portland residents can protect their decks by keeping the following outdoor decorating tips in mind.

Hang garlands on protected, non-wood surfaces.

Everyone loves the cheerful greenery and enormous cherry red bows on a strand of garland. However, because organic material can cause rot if left in contact with a cedar deck, Portland homeowners should avoid hanging garlands directly on their cedar deck materials. If you have non-wood deck railings, garlands may be hung there. Or you can wrap garlands around wrought-iron accents on your porch. If you must have garlands along your deck, consider springing for the faux garlands with white sparkle lights tucked in.

Hang a wreath on your patio door.

There’s no reason why your front door should be the only one to get a wreath. Winter finds many homeowners still lounging on their decking materials – Portland’s climate is warm enough to allow this, especially if you install a protective patio cover. If you see your deck as a private retreat, hanging a wreath near your cedar deck makes good sense.

Test lights before hanging them on your decking materials.

Portland’s wet climate can mess with electric components, including stringed holiday lights. To avoid frustration later on, gather and test all of your lights before hanging them.

Limit the number of inflatables.

If the scale is right, an inflatable outdoor holiday display can be charming. However, more than one of these elaborate decorations turns your yard into a bouncy house carnival. Practice moderation in all things – including holiday decorations for your cedar deck.

[ Photo by: eoz_15, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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