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Don’t Get Screwed—Consider Deck Clips

March 7th, 2010

deck clipsYou’ve dreamed up the perfect deck design, picked out your material of choice and are ready to begin putting it all together. Got your nails? Got your hammer? Pick them up, and throw them away!

While bashing nails or drilling screws into your beautiful new deck boards has long been the traditional way to install decks, those methods can lead to accelerated wear, costly replacements, and other avoidable problems. For years, leading contractors have sworn by one secret tool: the deck clip.

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Port Orford Cedar: The Strongest Cedar in the World

February 25th, 2010

People are often surprised to learn Rick’s doesn’t build decks out of the ever-popular Western Red Cedar. Instead, we use something even better: Port Orford cedar.

Why? Because strength tests have proven it’s the strongest material available for wood deck construction.

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What Trex Decking and Kleenex Have in Common

February 18th, 2010

People often get confused when shopping for a new deck. They’re curious about this popular decking material they’ve heard of called Trex—you know, the kind that’s extra-durable and made from recycled materials—and they want to know if we carry it.

The answer is, well, sort of.

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