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Ricks’ Custom Fencing and Decking Donates $1500 to Mt. Tabor Little League

May 18th, 2011

The Mt. Tabor Little League suffered a major theft last Friday night. As KATU news reported, someone stole thousands of dollars of candy and snacks from the league’s concession stand. Adding to the sting of the theft was the fact that the team had their fundraising goods taken as well. As league president Sherilynn Mobley explains in the KATU news story, the league had hoped that to put fundraising proceeds toward replacing ten teams of mold-damaged uniforms.

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Rick’s Donates $1000 to Little League Team to Replace Stolen Equipment

May 6th, 2011

Who would steal from a little league team?! That’s the first question that ran through many viewers’ minds when they saw KPTV’s story, “Thieves Steal from Little League Team,” on Wednesday’s 10 o’clock news. Portland Little League team The Iron Pigs had two bags of equipment stolen last Tuesday night. After practice, their coach parked his truck at the Plaid Pantry on SW 65th and Foster while he worked his graveyard shift. He returned to his truck the next morning to find that someone had jimmied open his back hatch and stolen two out of three of the Iron Pigs’ equipment bags. In all, the stolen equipment was worth $1000.

The team borrowed equipment to play Wednesday night’s game, but it wasn’t clear whether they would have to forfeit Saturday’s game for lack of bats, gloves, and protective gear. “I’m just disappointed in the community, because I know that Portland can be a better place with people that are responsible,” 11-year old Iron Pig Zander Lyons explained in a KGW story. “We are kind of down because our stuff got stolen. So we’re not doing so well but we’re working our way through,” added Iron Pigs catcher Zack Hurst.

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Tri-Cities Dog Park Gets New Fence Installation

April 14th, 2011

building a fenceFences serve a variety of purposes. They can protect property, pets and children. They can add aesthetic appeal to a landscape design. And they can help improve a community.

A great example of the latter is this year’s ShareFest Tri-Cities. Last month, some 3,000 volunteers came together on a Saturday to tackle 91 different community improvement projects – among them a large, coordinated effort to build a fence for an off-leash dog area at Badger Mountain Park.

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Rick’s Sponsors Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Team

April 7th, 2011

It simply isn’t summer without the thwack of a bat and the chink of a ball hitting a chain link fence backstop. In an effort to keep the Northwest’s youth sports thriving despite the poor economy, Rick’s Fencing is pleased to become a sponsor for the Eclypse 12U girls fast pitch softball team, based in Vancouver, Wash.

This promising group of girls plays in tournaments throughout Oregon and Washington. Donations to the team help pay for equipment, first aid kits, tournament fees and indoor rental fees so the players can keep up with practices even when it rains.

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Which Portland Decking Materials Add the Most Value to a Home?

March 28th, 2011

composite deck with benchAdding a composite or cedar deck to your Portland home has once again made Remodeling magazine’s list of top home improvement projects that pay off.

In its 2011 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, the magazine found adding a new deck continues to make the top ten list of home remodeling projects that provide the highest return on investment for homeowners.

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Portland Arbor Aids Disaster Relief in Japan

March 21st, 2011

memorial arbor for JapanAn arbor adds an elegant touch to any cedar deck or fence, but one Portland organization has found a way to turn it into something more: disaster relief for Japan.

The Portland Japanese Garden has installed a “wish arbor” outside its admission gate to help visitors send well-wishes — and donations — to victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. No admission fees are required to visit the arbor.

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Aluminum Patio Covers a Hit at Portland Home Show

February 25th, 2011

cedar pergola displayAs homeowners continue to look for ways to improve their outdoor living spaces, aluminum patio covers are becoming an increasingly popular option for warding off the elements.

Rick’s aluminum patio covers were a big hit last weekend at the Portland Yard, Garden & Patio Show, where several customers scheduled installations on the spot. The covers are made from an aluminum frame with a shatterproof polycarbonate roof that can withstand up to 25 pounds of snow and winds up to 100 miles per hour. They can be customized to an existing deck or patio and can even be modified to fit a pergola.

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Rick’s Donation Helps Local Parish Raise $17,000

January 21st, 2011

St. Juan Diego Service TripIn May, 2010 we donated a white vinyl arbor to the St. Juan Diego Parish in Portland for an auction to be held later that month.  We recently received a letter updating us on the status of their fundraiser.

Congratulations to the St. Juan Diego youth group for the $17,000 they raised through that auction!  The youth group used a portion of the proceeds for a service trip to the Dolores Mission in East Los Angeles — money well spent.  The remaining proceeds will be used to pay for future youth mission projects.

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What’s Hot in Residential Fencing

October 22nd, 2010

chain link fencingWith the U.S. economy still down in the dumps, and jobs still hard to find, at least one industry is making a steady turn for the better. What industry is that? You guessed it – the fencing industry.

According to a new report from Reportlinker, the demand for fencing in the United States is expected to increase by 2.9 percent over the next four years, reaching 935 million linear feet by 2014. The report states that this increase is mainly due to a rebound in housing completions this past year.

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The Verdict Is In: Northwest’s Ugliest Fence

July 9th, 2010

2010 Ugliest Fence Contest WinnerAfter scouring photographs of some of the Northwest’s most hideous fences, we finally rooted out the ugliest of them all. This eyesore has been languishing in the Salem, Ore., backyard of proud owner Alicia Miller.

As the 2010 winner of our annual Ugliest Fence Contest, Alicia will receive 100 feet of free fencing materials.

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