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Are Cedar Fence Materials Worth the Maintenance?

November 30th, 2011

Decorator Cedar FenceIf you’re in the market for fence materials, Portland residents, you may be wondering if cedar fencing is worth the time and effort its upkeep requires. The following list of cedar fencing disadvantages and advantages should help you decide if this is the right fencing option for you.

Disadvantages of Cedar Fence Materials

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Vinyl Fence Materials: Salem Design Ideas for Low-Maintenance Fencing

November 29th, 2011

Lattice Top Vinyl FencingSalem is a wonderful place to raise a family. Incredible natural attractions parks like Bush’s Pasture Park and Silver Falls State Park make it easy to keep kids engaged and active on weekends. Salem is large enough to have attractions like A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, and in case you want to take in more cultural events, Portland is less than an hour away. Finally, Salem represents the second largest school district in the state.

If you’re raising a family in the area, you may wonder how to choose family-friendly fence materials. Salem parents are increasingly choosing vinyl fencing, for several reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Fence Zombie Proof?

October 19th, 2011

Fenced in deadWith the Mayan calendar ending, the international economy in shambles and earthquakes cracking open nuclear facilities, many people are beginning to wonder if the Zompocalypse (Zombie Apocalypse) could be right around the corner. Well, it could very well be – and if you’re familiar with zombie films, you appreciate that the best offense against zombies is a strong defense.

We recommend erecting strong Portland fencing materials to keep zombies out of your hair (and flesh). Here’s a list of characteristics zombie-proof fences must have in order to stand up to the undead.

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3 Warning Signs Your Cedar Fence is Unprotected for Winter

October 11th, 2011

Cedar FenceConsidering that the National Weather Service has predicted another wet, cold La Nina weather pattern for the next six months, it’s especially important right now to examine and maintain your wood deck and fence materials. Portland always sees drizzly winter weather, but the La Nina cycle means we’ll be seeing even more precipitation than we’re used to here in the Pacific Northwest. Even in years with typical moisture levels, property owners should check their fences to make sure they’re protected for winter.

What makes wood-based Portland fencing materials vulnerable to winter rain and snow? Well, when moisture seeps into wood fiber, it naturally expands and contracts with the external temperature. This is a vital characteristic for standing trees – after all, living things need to be able to adapt to surrounding weather conditions. However, when waterlogged cedar fence materials expand and contract, warping, splintering and cracking can occur.

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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Stain Your Deck

October 7th, 2011

Fall leaves on the deckHome maintenance tasks are always necessary and rarely fun. Cedar decking requires regular maintenance, like most other parts of your home. Indeed, because moisture and sunlight can cause cracking, warping and fading, you should regularly reapply stain to your decking materials. Portland typically enjoys dry, warm autumn weather – the perfect conditions for staining cedar decking.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend fall as a wonderful time to re-stain your cedar deck: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Decorate Your Fence for Fall

September 21st, 2011

Halloween Lights in Iron FenceThere are many ways to decorate your home for autumn. Since a home’s fence is often the first thing visitors see, it is the perfect canvas for decorative expression. From cedar fence materials to stone walls, every fence can be outfitted to announce the fall harvest and holidays.

Here are a few ways to decorate your fence for fall:

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How to Grow Pumpkins on Your Fence

September 19th, 2011

Pumpkin climbing the fence in front of the chook houseA fence is a fence is a fence. Except when it’s also a nursery. Trellising vegetables along a fence is a wonderful way to add verticality to any garden – not to mention a tasty selection of produce. Few vegetables are as enjoyable to grow as pumpkins; with the passing of each crisp autumn day, you can watch your pumpkins swell in size.

However, because pumpkins can be quite heavy, they require a little extra planning in order to be grown on fence materials. Portland fence owners can grow pumpkins on their chain link or cedar fence materials by following the tips listed below. Read the rest of this entry »

Playground Fences: Best Options for a Safe Play Area

September 12th, 2011
vinyl privacy fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Keeping children safe is one of the most important tasks a fence can perform. The safest playgrounds and backyards are often the ones surrounded by fencing that helps keep children in and hazards out.

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How to Make Chain Link Fence Art

September 9th, 2011

Chain Link Fence Art: American Flag When it comes to fence materials, Portland homes vary widely. Some of the area’s oldest homes feature wrought-iron fences with brick posts. Craftsman-style cottages, on the other hand, may feature picket fences.

However, many homes in the Rose City were built in the 1950s, a utilitarian time in design; thus, many a 1950s PDX ranch is protected by a chain link fence. Portland residents may initially cringe at the idea of having a home surrounded by boring, unattractive chain link fencing. Thankfully, however, Portlanders are also creative enough to see any drab chain link fence as an empty canvas ready to be made into art. In order to jazz up a boring chain link fence, Portland residents can use the following ideas for making chain link fence art.

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Lessons Learned from the White House Fence Jumper

September 8th, 2011

The White House (and lots of fence)Two very different intruders recently made it past the fence protecting the White House. On July 30, a 6-year-old girl squeezed through the bars of the wrought-iron fence. She apparently ran around the North Lawn for a few minutes before being rounded up by the Secret Service, who quickly returned her to her parents. Just two days later, a homeless man scaled the fence on the same northern side of the White House. The Secret Service quickly arrested him and thoroughly checked his backpack for explosives.

These stories of minor security breaches at the White House contain nuggets of wisdom that may be applied to improve your own fence materials. Read the rest of this entry »