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Top 5 Questions to Ask your Fencing Contractor

August 21st, 2013
vinyl picket fence

Lattice Top Vinyl Picket Fence

During our thirty-three years in business, we’ve spent plenty of time thinking about how customers can get the best fencing contractors. The following five questions can help you discover the right contractor for your project.

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Project Spotlight: Salem Team Gives a Fence Facelift with Kroy Vinyl Fencing

July 9th, 2013
old  wood fence


We like to share our favorite fencing and decking projects with our blog readers. In past months we have spotlighted a vineyard’s new Azek decking, a facelift for a cedar deck in Oregon City, and a Salem picket fencing project that added serious curb appeal. Today, we’re showcasing a fence facelift project that we recently completed in Corvallis, Oregon.

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Project Spotlight: Salem Crew Creates Picket Fence Charm

June 5th, 2013

picket fenceIn our culture of instant gratification, we’re used to seeing food preparation instructions encouraging us to “Just add water!” Home improvement is rarely this straightforward, but the mantra “Just add picket fencing!” could prove just as transformative. A picket fence adds instant charm to any home, especially those that lack fencing. Today we’re highlighting a project the Salem Rick’s crew recently completed for a home in Corvallis, Ore. By reviewing this project, we hope to show how a picket fence can greatly boost a home’s curb appeal.

With a garage on the right and a good-sized front yard on the left, this Corvallis home had plenty of potential. But it wasn’t until we added a 42-inch white scalloped picket fence that the small front yard really “popped,” as designers are fond of putting it. We provided a complete fence installation, including an entryway pergola over a gate between the front yard and the garage.

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Color Your Privacy Fence Happy, From Simulated Stone to Redwood Vinyl

May 23rd, 2013

Ecostone Rock Fencing

EcoStone PVC fencing

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How to Properly Paint a Wood Fence

April 8th, 2013

Cedar FenceFew sights in life are as uplifting and cheerful as freshly painted or stained cedar fencing. Beaverton and Portland homeowners can stain or paint fences to protect them from the elements. We’ve focused on how to stain wood fencing in previous posts, so today we’re providing tips on painting a wood fence installation.

Beaverton and Tigard homeowners should begin the fence painting process in the drizzly days of winter, when it’s too wet to work on a fence. This is the perfect time to choose a paint color and plan your project. Here are a few tips for selecting a paint color for an exterior fence: Read the rest of this entry »

Cedar Deck Cleaning Tips & other Backyard DIY Improvements [Infographic]

April 5th, 2013

Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List InfographicIs your outdoor living space ready for spring? Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring and summer seem to fly by, and before you know it, winter rolls back around. Make the most of the sunny weather by whipping your cedar deck, fence and landscape into shape now. We’ve compiled this infographic to help you prepare your spring DIY list for making fence repairs, cleaning and improving your cedar deck, and sprucing up your garden.

 To view image at full size, right-click the image and choose “Open link in new tab”

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Why Spring is the Best Time to Clean Cedar Decking or Fencing

March 27th, 2013

Spring BlossomsYou spring clean every nook and cranny in your home, but what about your outdoor living area? If your cedar decking and fencing is looking dingy, cleaning is the best way to recover its original brightness. One day of solid cleaning can augment year-round enjoyment of your cedar deck or cedar fence. Beaverton and Portland deck owners who would prefer to skip this day of maintenance can call on us for our deck resurfacing service.

Why is spring the perfect time to wash cedar decking and fencing? Because the temperatures are less extreme at this time of year. In the dog days of summer, cleaning puts more stress on the wood of your fence or deck. When heat bears down on wet wood, more damage is caused. In contrast, the cool days of spring are perfect for deck cleaning, since the lower temperatures will cause less extreme expansion in the wood of your cedar fence. Beaverton and Tigard homeowners can think of deck and fence cleaning as one more home maintenance task that should be included in their annual spring cleaning. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Inspect and Fix Farm Fencing

March 20th, 2013

On a farm, fences serve many important purposes. Indeed, livestock farming is nearly impossible without plenty of sturdy fencing. Farm fencing keeps animals where they belong while also protecting them from predators. Farmers shift animals from one fenced area as a part of pasture management. Additionally, farm fencing separates different types of animals that could harm each other. For all of these reasons, one of the first things that must be done on a new farm is a fencing installation.

ElectrobraidBeaverton and Portland homeowners are aware of the damage storms can cause to fencing; farmers must also be careful to watch for damage. To inspect farm fencing, walk or ride around the perimeter of your land. The first thing to look for is fencing that’s been downed by fallen trees or tree branches. In this case, you’ll need to first get the tree out of the way. Here’s where riding your tractor around the perimeter shows its advantages; you can haul your chainsaw along with you much more easily on a tractor.

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Fence Installation: Tools You’ll Need in Honor of National Worship of Tools Day

March 11th, 2013

Knuckle BusterDid you know there’s a special day just for celebrating the tools we use for everything from plumbing repairs to fence installation? Vancouver to Virginia, DIY enthusiasts celebrate National Worship of Tools Day every March 11. While this may seem like a silly holiday (who actually bows down to a hammer or screwdriver?), the truth is that our species’ success is intimately linked to our effective use of tools.

As experts in fencing installation (Beaverton, Portland, Hillsboro Salem, and Tri-Cities being our main service locations), we recommend keeping these tools on hand when erecting a new fence: Read the rest of this entry »

Fencing Techniques for Increasing Privacy

March 6th, 2013

soliid patio coverWhen homeowners think about how to achieve privacy in their yards, they inevitably think of adding a fence. Certainly, the construction of a privacy fence is the most straightforward way to boost seclusion. However, there are many other ways to improve privacy. If your yard feels a little too open to the prying eyes of passersby, the following solutions may come in handy for your fencing installation. Vancouver, Portland and Hillsboro homeowners who don’t want to install a full fence can try out one of the following creative approaches.

1. Add just one or two panels of cedar fencing. Beaverton and Tigard homeowners may only need to block a certain stretch of visibility. If this is the case in your yard, the addition of one or two fence panels may be all you need.

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