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What to Do When Animals Crawl Under Your Deck

June 30th, 2011

Deck skirtingThe surface of your deck may be an outdoor paradise, but look beneath most decks the picture isn’t so pretty. Weeds, insects, moss and even critters often take up residence under cedar decking. Washington homeowners can often find rabbits, skunks, opossums, raccoons and even snakes living in that murky, cobwebby space.

While there’s no fool-proof way to prevent critters from moving in beneath your cedar deck, Vancouver residents can take the following measures to get rid of an unwanted infestation:

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Demand for Decking Continues to Rise

June 29th, 2011

The housing market’s slow recovery has been a long, bumpy ride for many builders, but through it all there’s been at least one bright spot to focus on: decking materials. Portland and other major cities have seen a rise in demand for decking despite the recession, as homeowners increasingly choose to remodel rather than sell their homes.

North American demand for decking and railing increased slightly in 2010 over the previous year and is expected to rise another 5 percent to $3.4 billion in 2011, according to the market research firm Principia Partners.

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Snow Removal Tips for Your Home

December 9th, 2010

snow on a cedar deckThe Pacific Northwest is expecting a particularly harsh winter this year, and many areas may see more snowfall than usual. As a result, Northwest homeowners may end up doing a lot more snow removal than they’re used to.

After a storm, many homeowners simply shovel a path up to the front door and call it done. However, to truly protect your yard from winter storm damage – and visitors to your home from nasty spills – you may need to take your snow removal efforts to the next level. Getting rid of snow from driveways and walkways can be an unpleasant chore, but it’s better to keep up with the snowfall than to let the snow and ice build up.

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Deck Maintenance: What to Do After a Storm

November 16th, 2010

cedar deckThe Pacific Northwest has already had a couple of decent storms so far this season, but if you’re familiar with the area, you know that the best is yet to come. Composite decking material and cedar decking handle winter weather differently, but there are some general guidelines to help your decking weather a storm. Following are a few deck maintenance tips to help you take care of your deck after a storm, no matter what type of decking material you have.

Take Stock of the Damage

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Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a Deck

October 23rd, 2010

Why winter is the best time to build a deckHow would you like to have a new cedar deck completed before the summer season even starts? When you build a deck in the winter, you can have just that. The demand for decking contractors is lower in the winter months, thus making it the best time to build.

Benefits of Wintertime Deck Building

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Winterizing Your Cedar Decking

September 17th, 2010

cedar deckFall has finally arrived, and that means winter is just around the corner. If you’re like most people, you probably have a whole list of things you do in order to prepare for winter’s harsh weather. You weatherize your windows. You clean your yard. You make sure your pipes are properly insulated. You do all these things, but when was the last time you winterized your cedar decking?

Cedar decking can suffer a great deal of weather damage during the winter months. Rain, snow and cold temperatures can take their toll on even the toughest decks. Luckily, there are a few easy preparations you can make to ensure your beautiful cedar deck doesn’t end up looking old and worn out come spring. Here are some of the most common ways to winterize a cedar deck: Read the rest of this entry »