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Bringing in Your Deck Plants for Winter

deck plantersPlanters may make your cedar decking look great in the spring and summer, but good luck keeping them alive during the fall and winter months. Unless you’re growing evergreens, many planters, pots and flowers need to be moved indoors during the cold months. Here is a little information on bringing in deck plants for winter:

Why It’s A Good Idea

The most obvious reason you’d bring deck plants indoors during winter is to keep them alive. Sensitive plants such as flowers and some shrubbery don’t deal with cold so well and will quickly die if left outside. There’s another reason for moving them, however: saving your wood decking. Large planters can ruin decking material by collecting pools of water under them and staining the wood. Imagine cleaning off your cedar deck in the spring only to find ugly circular or square stains you can’t get rid of. No thanks.

What Types of Plants Can Make the Move?

Most plants will survive a move inside if done with great care. The plants best suited for moving from deck to den include annuals such as ferns, spider plants, bromeliads, geraniums and poinsettias. You will definitely want to move any tropical plants, as they do not fare well in cold environments. A quick rule of thumb: If you aren’t sure if the plant will survive, or if it’s starting to look a little worse for wear, get it inside.

Before You Bring Them In

  • Remove any wilted flowers and brown or diseased leaves.
  • Look for any webs or bugs.
  • Ease the transition by moving the plants to a shady outdoor location for a week. Stop fertilizing, and reduce the amount of watering.

Where to Put Them

You may think you can place decking plants anywhere in your house, but you’d be wrong. Certain plants, like ferns, need a very humid, bright area, such as near a bathroom window. Geraniums and poinsettias do best in dry, dark areas that stay warm without receiving too much light. For most light-loving plants, spots in front of east- and south-facing windows are great, as they get just the right amount of light.

By moving your deck plants indoors, you can not only save their lives but also protect your beautiful decking material. Plus, who doesn’t love a house filled with beautiful, healthy plants?

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  1. Handyman says:

    As we protect ourselves from the devastating effects of cold weather,we should take similar care for plants as well.At least one should keep them under the shed to avoid frost.

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